At night, a group of dancers perform in a parking lot. A man, hearing music in the background, holds the pay phone to his side. A man, wearing a top hat, glances to the right and tips his glasses to his nose while he stands outside a laundromat.

The DeBarge family drives by on the calm road, with El DeBarge singing in the center. The man, with the pay phone to his ear, stares at a young woman. She waves to him and he sets the phone aside. They dance together at a traffic light.

Two people with books stand underneath a painting of a clown in the city. A red light scans past them. People dance by a newsstand. El sits on the hood of the car. A group of people dance in the streets as traffic is stopped. The people skip to drake’s, a neighborhood diner.

At the gas station, El climbs off the hood. The employees and customers begin to dance by the pumps. People perform a routine at a fast food restaurant. El moves to the front of the parking lot, snapping his fingers. In intervals, Bunny, Mark and William pop in from the side, facing one another. El puts his hands on his hips and dances.

Rating: 5/5

The DeBarge family cruises down the city streets, enjoying the summer air. As they stop at the red light, people begin to dance on the cross walk. The people waiting in their cars turn the radios up and tap their fingers on the steering wheel, getting into the spirit of the moment.

Before a late dinner, people dance in front of the entrance of a diner. drake’s is a neighborhood institution and has been saved from closure several times. The owner is known for his generosity, serving the homeless who sit nearby. It’s a safe place for families, who after a long day of work and school, can relax,

The family stops for gas. There, the employees greet them and joke with them. For many in the neighborhood, they are simply El, Bunny, Mark and William who they grew up with in school. Their success is the pride of the community, which humbles the DeBarge family.

Director: Peter Heath Year: 1985



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