Video Review: Fifth Harmony "Angel"

Lit in French blue, a young man sleeps in his bed. Lights turn on and of in his room. A film reel shows Normani flinging her hair against a violet background. In a hallway, red lights flash. Normani, Lauren, Ally Brooke and Dinah stand in a family room, lit in sea foam green.

Ally Brooke leans against a wall. The film reel switches to video of a cloudy sky. Normani sings against a candlelight orange background. Fifth Harmony sit on various parts of a car. The background dulls behind Normani and returns back to violet.

Lauren sings against a seafoam background. Street lights are in the neighborhood shine. The background turns an electric blue, hot pink and back to the seafoam.

It’s Dinah’s turn to sing against the electric background. Ally Brooke, in shadow, has rusty yellow light crossing her face. Lit faded red, Fifth Harmony stands in the family room again. Normani plays with her hair.

Ally Brooke gestures against a neutral and blood red background. Dinah Jane continues to sing against an electric blue and blood red background. The ocean is seen. Lauren knocks on the wall in her seafoam lit room. Dinah Jane plays with her hair again.

The man wakes up, his eyes wide.

Rating: 0/5

Ally Brooke, Lauren, Dinah and Normani, filmed through a projector lens, coax their victims with coy ponytails and aggressive gestures. As a collective team, they are clever and dangerous, playing upon a man’s insecurity, promising eternal love.

The young man in the beginning saw their videos on the Internet and began to correspond with them. Normani and Dinah Jane vied for his attention by flinging their hair. Lauren almost had him with her welcoming nature. However, it was the warmhearted Ally Brooke who sold him on a meeting.

Inside an ordinary suburban home, they got him drunk and presented him with checks from his own account. They took his credit cards and then drugged him. He remembered waking up in the back of the pick-up truck rolled inside a rug, the shouts of girl deciding what to do with him shocking him into silence. They laid him out on the ground and he remained still. It wasn’t the sun was searing his skin that he realized enough time had passed and he could leave. He returned home, vowing not to tell anyone. However, every night he experiences nightmares.

Director: David Caramena Year: 2017


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