At Capitol Studios, the pianist talks to a background singer. A woman, in her chair, reaches down on the floor for her French horn. Kesha walks in, turning her head from left and right. She introduces herself to the woman who plays the French horn and shakes her hand. A photographer takes a photo of the director. In a group, Kesha sings with her background singers.

The producer moves one of the buttons forward. Kesha sings into the microphone, her eyes closed. In the corner, the pianist plays. Beside him is another piano with a curtain draped over it and a glass of water on top it.

Kesha sings next to him, a series of three rugs sectioning off part of the studio. To the side is the orchestra section. The musicians sit in their chairs, desk lamps lit over their sheets, instruments on their thighs, waiting for their cue. After Kesha sways, the musicians in the orchestra begin to play.

To the right of Kesha, the background singers perform. The pianist plays on the two different pianos and watches Kesha sing. Tears sting her eyes. She puts her hands on her face, trying to control her emotions. She looks up and then down with a sheepish expression.

Rating: 5/5

Musicians usually fall out of the standard 9-5 office life. However, the musicians for the video have turned their studio into a bohemian workspace.  Flowery rugs line part of the studio dividing in half, nestling the co-workers together to create a protective atmosphere. Desk lamps light up sheets of music and instruments are tucked in the corners. Far from a traditional office, the musicians seem to crave some of the structure usually provided.

Kesha sings with every bit of her heart. Despite her experience, it seems to be intimidating for her to be in the room with the musicians. As she stares down at the floor, it’s as though she believes she hasn’t earned her spot. She may think the people in the room view her as the trashy and talentless singer with a dollar sign in her name. However, the pianist does seem to care, paying attention as she sings and the background singers try to appear as though they are not huge fans.

She carries herself with professionalism and takes time to get to know the people she’ll be working with for the day. At the end of the session, she should be proud of how far she’s come, despite the obstacles put in her way.

Director: N/A Year: 2017


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