Video Review: Sheila E. "Sister Fate"

Sheila E. in a funereal hat, with black lace attached to the side and a long, circular patterned coat, frowns by the wall of a castle.

In the courtyard, between several columns, she and her band perform. Lit in royal blue, a young woman giggles as a man whispers in her ear.

While wearing the funereal hat and patterned coat, she walks through the garden and spots a couple making out. She taps them on her head with drum stick, flashes of neon colors emanate from the couple. They remain still.

A newspaper on the screen reads: “Sheila E To Marry Mystery Love.” She steps away from her drums and begins to dance.

She continues on the path, meeting a peasant couple. The man reaches out his hand and she taps both of them on their heads.

On stage, she taps two of her guitarists with her drum stick. They kiss. She arches her back, tilting her head forward on stage. The newspaper reads: Who Is Sheila E’s Mystery Love? She stands behind a young man in a suit. Prince appears over the newspaper headline.

She pauses on the path, the song lyrics “she’s the only thing standing in your way” on screen while she lets her coat drop on the ground. Flowers bloom in the fountain.

On stage, she kicks a cymbal and knocks it down and continues to play. The image fades and returns back to the pathway. Fin appears on the screen.

Rating: 4/5

In 16th century Europe, Sheila E. is an aristocratic fairy named Fate casting spells on various couples. Conservative and well-bred, blatant affection shocks her as she hides in the corner from a lustful couple. She stops by them, forcing them to be still.

Along the pathway, a peasant couple asks her for some money. She grants them entry into high society. However, her powers have haunted her for years. Changing people lives, at her own judgement, has had its own cost. Shrouded in a long, black coat and black bodysuit, she views herself as the villain in the scenario. Young people have struggled with her decisions, losing their status in society and never recovering. The peasant couple was her last. The only fate she will determine is her own.

Director: N/A Year: 1985


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