Video Review: Brian McKnight "Anytime"

Brian McKnight walks into his apartment building. As he closes the door behind him, the security camera swivels to the next corner.

He opens the door to his piano room and leans against the wall. Stretching out on a black couch, he taps his finger in the air and places it by his neck.

His ex-girlfriend drives in the city. He walks around the piano, a melody playing in his head. She knocks on the door of his apartment and lets herself inside, checking if he’s there.

In the bathroom, he turns on the shower faucet, the water hitting the top of his head. He sits on the piano bench, gesturing. His ex-girlfriend walks by the window and into his room, touching his clothes hanging in the closet. She stops in the security room, watching the televisions.

He walks by a wall, which has the lyrics painted on it. The camera turns, showing him in the shower. He opens the shower door. A young woman, in an sea green dress, bends over. He sings by the wall and does yoga outside. She swivels in the chair. A young woman takes his hands by the wall. He holds her, his hands around her waist.

Rating: 2/5

Brian McKnight is a handsome man with an attainable body, outpouring with emotion and heart. He thinks of his ex-girlfriend on the couch after a day of work, his thoughts becoming lyrics. The piano room provides solace at the moment, even though he can’t write a word.

However, his ex-girlfriend sneaks his into home, observing him through the security cameras. She stops turning in her chair once the camera changes to the shower. She plays with the straps of her dress as she watches his chiseled body. Her current boyfriend is lacking McKnight’s muscles and she misses the taste of him.

McKnight was able to break through his heartbreak by painting lyrics, creating a mural. A young woman would come by in the neighborhood, reading, tears in her eyes. She waited for him to finish one day and told him how his words reminded her of her first love. It may have been years ago but it still hurts. He asked her for coffee and soon, she was joining him in the afternoons, bringing paint as he worked on the wall.

Director: Darren Grant Year: 1997

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