Video Review: Hey Violet "Hoodie"

Rena walks inside the family room, viewing the film playing the over the wall. In flashback, her hands touch the chalk white sand. A car pulls up by the curb of her home.

In the bathroom mirror, she closes her eyes and stares up at the ceiling.

During the flashback, she and her boyfriend place their hands in the ocean, letting the waves crash into their bodies. On the wall, she studies his eyes while they sit on the beach. She puts her arms around him.

She finishes putting on lipstick in the bathroom. On the wall, she grins as she puts her arms around him and they lean into one another. As the flashback continues to play, Rena lies on the bed.

The band is added to the footage as they play on stage. In flashback, she rests her head on his shoulder as they sit by the pool. They laugh and she threatens to throw him in the pool. She breaks into a run and he chases her around on the patio. He dives into the pool.

While the band plays, she stands by the wall. In flashback, he puts his hoodie around her shoulders. She walks away, unable to look at the footage. He kisses her on the forehead.

Photos of him are tucked into the corners of her mirror. In flashback, they sit on the rock and she puts her head on his shoulder. He removes her hand from his. Eyes red, she walks on the sand by herself. In her room, she throws a pillow.

The band members get out the car and put on their hoodies. She walks in the opposite direction, obliviousness to their glances.

In the house, the footage continues to play.

Rating: 4.5/5

In Rena’s bedroom, the projector plays the last day of her relationship with her boyfriend on a loop. The images of them, smiling and laughing, tower over her each night. To her, they have become unreal figures, acting out her life with obsessive detail.

At one point, footage from rehearsals cut in and she is relieved. However, she knows it’s a short pause as the video will return to her memories once again. Every entry into her home is a psychological horror and she can only stay for an hour or two. The video doesn’t seem to stop or break.

From a technical standpoint, someone did the math. Measuring each frame using the bed as cutoff point, the person’s body or head is visible, creating a past both nostalgic and monstrous at the same time.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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