Video Review: Bruno Mars "Versace On The Floor"

The elevator door opens and Bruno Mars steps out, swinging his arms by his side. He notices a beautiful young woman (Zendaya) outside her hotel room door. She glances over at him and smiles. As he inserts the key inside the door, he grins to himself. They both enter their rooms.

In the star lit room, Mars sits at the piano and begins to play.

The young woman hears the first few notes and turns around. Crystal white stars hang in the azure blue lit room. She walks underneath the chandelier and presses her ear against the wall. After turning around and biting her lip, she digs her nails into the wall.

Mars lifts his hand and in the other room, the young woman’s Versace dress unzips. She touches her neck and sits on the bed. While standing against the wall, she mouths the lyrics. She dances around her room. Mars stands up, continuing to play.

In both room, the stars shine all at once. Mars dances and reaches out for her. She falls on her bed and bites her lip. Her dress falls by her bed and she knocks on Mars’ door.

Rating: 5/5

Bruno Mars spots the young woman (Zendaya) and writes on a song on the spot for her. Zendaya thinks he’s another handsome man until he begins to play. She notes his talent and passionate vocals. Inside her body, every cell is awake and her body is on fire.

However, she debates actually going into his room. She usually has a conversation first with the guy and several dates before sleeping with him. Mars, though, is setting sparks off within her she can’t control.

Midway through, she stops fighting herself and begins to dance, letting the idea sink in while he calls for her. She falls on the bed, energized and restless. Finally, she removes her dress and acts on her emotions.

Zendaya, whose music career stalled in 2014, cements her presence as a poised young woman returning to her hotel room to refresh after attending business conferences all day. From the slow brushing of her hand against the wall and mouthing the words to the song, she connects to Mars on an unfamiliar carnal level. Away from music, she has appeared in music videos and fashion magazines, gradually gaining recognition. Given her resurgence, maybe she will be able to release another album between acting jobs.  It’s long overdue.

Directors: Cameron Duddy & Bruno Mars Year: 2017

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