Video Review: Willa Ford & Royce da 5"9 "I Wanna Be Bad"

Willa Ford lifts her leg off the motorcycle, which she parked at the velvet rope of a club. She takes off her helmet while the bouncer waits. She throws the valet her keys and gives her helmet to the bouncer.

Inside the club, she whispers into the DJ’s ear and caresses his face.

Against an orange background with embellished red lips, she and her dancers perform a routine.

At the club, she puts her song on as the DJ slinks in the corner, shaking his head. She walks back onto the dance floor, smirking. After dancing several guys, she leaves. Shoving the valet away from a luxury car, she gets inside and laughs.

She speeds down the road. The police siren flashes and turns into the left lane. She laughs again. The police officers arrest her and put her in the back of the car. A police officer eats a doughnut. She bites into a doughnut as she chats with the second officer, who lets her drive the car.

Royce da 5″9 joins her against the orange background.

At the traffic light, she flirts with the guy in the car next to her. He fantasizes that she’s dancing on a pole, wearing a tight, black leather corset, black choker, matching hot pants and fishnets. She drives off and the guy puffs out his cheeks.

On the screen, it reads that “no men were harmed in the making of this video.”

Rating: 0/5

Willa Ford does what she wants. She parks at the entrance of the club and walks right inside. She doesn’t pay. In fact, she hasn’t paid in years. The bouncer says nothing, wanting to prevent the inevitable scene and accusations from her.

Once inside, she finds the DJ and hijacks his playlist, changing the order of his albums and casting them on the floor on the club. He shakes his head in the corner as a rare album swishes in the water from a spilled drink. His entire night’s pay will be spent replacing his collection.

She steals a car and speeds down the road. She thinks of the valet who thought she really liked him. What a pathetic sucker. He was an awkward dork that she needed to use to get the car. The police stop her and she bursts into laughter. Like she’ll really go to jail. They handcuff her and she glares at them as a police officer bites into a doughnut. She finds a container in the front seat and makes her eyes go wide. In a weak voice, she asks for some food. She didn’t eat anything all day. Please, please she begs, just one tiny morsel.

The second police officer handcuffs her. While they talk, she finds his keys and takes them. They won’t book her now. Neither one of them will want to admit they let her out and botched an arrest. She doesn’t care about anyone other than herself. Whenever she can, she takes advantage of her situation. When she was in high school, she skipped classes and cheated from stolen tests. Two high schools have kicked her out already. She spends her nights partying and days sleeping, staying at a friend’s house. Education doesn’t do anything for her. She figures she’ll find a rich man who will take care of her.

Director: Chris Applebaum Year: 2001


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