Video Review: Kenny Chesney "All The Pretty Girls"

A young woman brushes her brunette hair and puts on hoop earrings. Barefoot, she runs down her stairs after hearing the doorbell. She welcomes her two best girl friends inside.  They load up her trunk with camping gear and make their first stop at the gas station.

At the gas station, a young man in glasses spots the brunette woman as he pays at the counter. She smiles at him as she passes by. She and her friends load up on beer and snacks for their trip. Her blond friend opens her wallet and discovers she doesn’t have enough. The brunette woman runs outside and talks to the young man. She explains the situation to him. He returns back inside with her and pays their bill. She thanks him and asks him if he wants to join her for the weekend.

At the campground, he helps her string lights on tree branches. During the bonfire, he sips his beer while they get to know one another. She takes his beer, chugs it and then removes her shirt. She jumps into the pool.

The next morning, they drive. She sees a sign that says “do not enter” and tells him they have to do it. They climb over the fence and into an old railroad station. Back at the bonfire, they dance and she rests her head on his shoulder. She pulls him aside and they sit at the patio by the pool. With her leg on his lap, she gives him a kiss.

After the road trip, they began to hike together. On one particular trip, they climbed on top of his pick-up truck and stood together. While on their first date, they went to the ice cream parlor and got two cones. He looks at the seat next to him, thinking of his crazy and lovable girlfriend.

Rating: 5/5

The brunette woman’s friends respect her for fearlessness. The camping trip was spur of the moment, an idea hatched by her after cramming for finals. Soon, she said, they would be off into the working world looking forward to their two-week vacation. It’s their final year to grab every moment.

A stop at the gas station proved to be life-changing for her. She met the young man with glasses and trusted him right away. With everyone short on cash, she felt okay asking him for money. During the semester, she had seen him around on campus but didn’t really get a chance to talk. She invited him to come with her and he agreed, to her surprise.

On the trip, she talked with him about his family and dreams after college. She learned he was studying management information systems and interviewing for an internship for the fall. She explained to him her love of teaching and fears of not being able to land a job after getting her degree. For the rest of the summer, they spent nearly every day together between working at their jobs.

In August, the young man drives down the same road and gazes at the passenger seat, thinking of the amazing young woman he dated for six weeks on his way to California.

Directors: William Renner & Jessica Martinez Year: 2017

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