Video Review: Sonique "It Feels So Good (US Version)"

In the city. two girlfriends leave a diner. Sonique, in a white shirt with an apron around her, walks to the table and sits down. She stares at the young people chatting outside the window.  Her co-worker calls her name and she sighs.

She continues to watch the group of young people as she cooks an egg on the grill. After her shift, she pulls up her zipper on the sidewalk. On her way home, she dances on the sidewalk. People and cars speed by her.

At home, she throws her jacket on the chair and takes off her shoes. She heads into her room to change into a tank top and shorts. In her family room, she stands at the turntable and starts to sing.

She imagines herself dancing in the hallway of her apartment building in a tube top and mini skirt. In her room, she fantasizes that she has a fur boa and a sparkly mini skirt.

At a club, she puts the headphones over her ears as she spins a record. People dance and listen as they drink and flirt. Later, she sings on stage.

A young woman puts on lipstick. In the bathroom, another young woman brushes the mirror with her hand, clearing the steam. A third woman picks up a handful of ice cubes and rubs them against her chest.

While Sonique performs, two young men kiss. Couples lean into one another. People dance at the bar.

Back at the diner, she picks up the dirty plates.

Rating: 3.5/5

As Sonique bussed tables, she overheard a group of friends complaining that their usual nightspots have become boring. The singers and DJs performed almost the same set every weekend.

She watches them as they leave, making plans by the window. If she only had a chance, she could liven up the nightclub’s entertainment. Each night, she returns home from work and curates her playlist. She writes her own music and sings along as she works on at the turntable.

However, with some 40+ weeks, usually including evening and early morning shifts, she hardly has time to look up clubs and mail out her demo. For now, all she can do is dream and wait for her chance to break out of the restaurant.

Director: Tim Story Year: 2000

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