Video Review: Chris Brown "Questions"

Parisian blue question marks fill the screen. Against a candy red background, a young woman twirls her ponytail. Chris Brown stands with several other male dancers against a lime green background. With the screen changed to black, he puts his fingers to lips.

A group of women dance against a lapis blue background. Another young woman rubs her leg behind a lavender background. While the background changes to burnt orange, Brown kneels down, watching the group of women shake their butts. Off to the side, he joins in the routine.

A young woman touches her face between the ice blue laser lights. She crawls on the floor and shakes her butt. Against the lime green background, Brown performs a routine with the male dancers.

In a tilted candy red lit square, Brown dances. On mustard yellow platforms, he and the dancers continue their routine. Alone against the lavender background, he dances in the center as the women cheer for him.

Rating: 0/5

The watered-down colors do not have any middle ground. They either burn at the maximum wattage (the neon) or washed out, obscuring the person in the background. The static, primary colors rotate as though it were a children’s game remaining in one place. However, the burnt orange platforms expand the width of the screen, creating space where it didn’t seem to exist. It coordinates well with the candy red and succeeds as the single experimental use of color.

It must’ve been decided that Brown was already the best dancer, despite being in a room of professionals. The women are judged (by him, as he lingers off stage). Off to the side, he mimics their moves, as though they weren’t performing up to his standards. Then, they are shunted off to the corners of the stage, where they have to clap for him. The men, however, are cut off into the background and in silhouette. Unfortunately, for the dancers, it’s entry-level work and something they can add to their resume but nothing of real value.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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