Video Review: Pat Benatar "Precious Time"

In the driveway, the security guard moves out the way as the gate opens. He tips his hat to Pat Benatar as she drives inside.

She sits at the dining table with her husband and throws a cup at him. By the couch, in a red jacket, black bra and red pants, she watches the scene as her married self walks to the screen door, her husband following behind her. She shoves him.

In the desert, two Benatars stand side by side, walking on the sand of the broken hourglasses beside them. They each take turns walking. She swings on the playground set in the backyard and walks in the garden, sniffing her favorite flowers.

By the pool, her husband lounges on the chair while she argues with him. Benatar, in red, leans by the edge of the pool, continuing to observe. She throws him in the pool and then later, out of the hammock.

Shirtless, Neil Giraldo plays in the desert between the broken hourglasses. She drives to her parents’ house and cries in her childhood room. Benatar, in red, stands against a tree. A maid serves her husband eggs. She takes the eggs from his hands and tosses him out of the hammock.

She walks out of her house and takes a walk, deciding her future.

Rating: 4/5

On the way home from her parents’, she heard a radio ad for a lawyer, stating her services for divorce. She repeats the lawyer’s name over and over, trying to remember it. She’ll have to look her up in the Yellow Pages once she gets home.

Her husband fails to see her as a person. While sitting at the table, he continues to talk about his day, chatting about some repetitive meeting he had at work and cutting her short as she talks about her visit to the local art gallery. In the midst of their argument, he had screamed for the maid to come back and do her job. He threatened to fire her. The maid, shaking, picked up some dishes and broke them. She had even apologized to the maid, telling her it’s not her fault.

He lounges around the house, expecting her to wait on him. She throws him into wherever she can to make a point: she’s not his employee. In the next room, she has heard him complimenting a young woman on her looks and blaming their lack of time on her. He has told her that he has had to calm the whispers at the charity galas and business dinners.

All she has to say is that she wants a divorce. She can finally pursue her dream of working for a non-profit. However, admitting it out loud is taking some time. It’s a new life without any security. But it’s her only option. She can’t stay miserable and resentful for the rest of her life.

Director: Keith MacMillian Year: 1981

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