Video Review: Lisa Marie Presley "Lights Out"

A spotlight hovers on a clapboard stating it’s for Lisa Marie Presley’s video. In a cylinder, flourescent lights up behind Presley. With the wind machine blowing wisps of her across her face, she sings.

A collage of photos cover a wall. Next, she sings against a flashing a rusty yellow and orange background. She drops the microphone and with the director following her, she walks to a narrow wall and sits inside it. She pounds the wall and laughs.

It switches to her standing by several mirrors. She kneels on the road, a red car behind her. Two firemen set it on fire. She stands as the same firemen rush to extinguish it.

Underneath a stormy sky, she bends down, electrical wires above her and sings. As she turns, the directors film her on the blue screen to fill in later.

The flourescent lights go out one by one in the original background and she walks off the stage.

Rating: 0/5

Lisa Marie Presley wants to be a star in her own right. To her disdain, she has to do a music video. Her management said it’s necessary in order to promote her. She asks her children what their videos are and they show her Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys. She watches them, noting the cylinder background and flashing lights. If she has to add those elements to be successful, she might as well do it.

In each scene, she poses and sings into the camera. However, once it’s over, she moves onto the next one, as though she had to lead a customer to another department in a store five minutes past her shift.

However, she emphasized she wanted to be seen past her name. For some time, her life was chaotic and she had made a series of misinformed decisions. It had turned her into a national joke.

The flashing backgrounds are artifice and none of it is real. Nonetheless, the director undermines her angst in underneath the stormy sky, filming it on a blue screen. The firefighters put out their own fire, forgoing logic as they perform damage control.

Director: Francis Lawrence Year: 2003


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