Video Review: P!nk "What About Us"

In a major city, a young man with a red stripe across his head walks down the street at night while a snippet of New Jersey mayor Chris Christie’s Republican 2016 Covention speech can be heard saying “he made the tough decisions that needed to be made to help provide for our way of life.” P!nk sits in a chair, a young woman shaving her head piece by piece, as a voice calls out “we are going to reject hate! we are going to reject racism!” plays over Christie’s speech.

On a bench, a young man in a tank top leans into the man with the red stripe across his head. A helicopter hovers overhead, its light shining on apartment buildings. A thirtysomething woman sobs in her car.

People inside a restaurant gather their bearings. Sirens flash on a police car while the a group of people stand together in the early morning. A husband rubs his wife’s arm as she cradles their baby. Pink leans into a young woman’s chest whose arms are held out in prayer. They began a dance routine as they pull one another up from the ground.

She turns her head away from the harsh spotlight of the helicopter and stares at it. It shines on the entire group and then moves to another building, where an African-American man hides by the columns. He drops to his knees, thumbing through photos of his family.

The red stripe man runs his hand along the red stripe man’s chest. The second young man gets up and pounds his stomach then puts both arms around the red stripe man’s neck. The red stripe man walks on the couch, following him but the second young man shakes him off. They tug and pull. In the building, blood drips from the side of the African-American man’s head.

In the restaurant and its parking lot, people, including P!nk, begin to dance. On the snowy ground, she stands up on her car.  The second young man hits him several times with a bag. The red stripe man won’t respond.

The helicopter follows her to the desert. In the desert, she and the dancers perform a routine. Another African-American man gets shot. The group console one another. Everyone embraces each other in the hot sun.

Rating: 4/5

There must be hope. Without hope, society is lost to those who prefer to destroy it. The two African-American men did not die in vain. P!nk and her friends post their pictures on every social media, noting that they protested in peace and were targeted.

During the protest, millennials, thirtysomething women, gay couples and African-Americans marched to ensure their future. They will not be silenced by an administration who prefers they rather not exist. Gunshots rang out and people hurried to the diner to hide. Rattled and in shock, they remain inside until they no longer see the lights.

A woman cries in her car, scared. She has taken her health care and overall safety in the United States for granted.  A family supports the protesters outside, offering them food and thanking them for speaking up. Like the protestors, they are vulnerable, living paycheck to paycheck. A diagnosis of a chronic condition or an extended hospital stay could bankrupt them.

It’s P!nk the police want. She was front and center, leading the chants and the march. She is the one responsible. However, she won’t be arrested without a fight.

Director: Georgia Hudson Year: 2017

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