Miley Cyrus stirs in her sleep as the rain hits her window. Against a cornflower blue background, she plays the guitar. At a puppet show, she taps a little girl doll on the nose and it leans against her arm.

A sixtysomething woman swings from a pole as “no one stays the same” is written on the screen. During a parade, she plays the guitar while performing on the float. Little six-year-old boys behind her wave. The little girl puppet dances around. At the carnival, she clenches her teeth while a fiftysomething man kisses her neck as she stands in the center of a group of senior citizens, dressed in glittering sunglasses and neon colored blouses.

Against a rainbow-colored background, she sings in a bedazzled, aqua blue jumpsuit. Little children, as mimes, lurk in the corner and then run in circles around her. The sixtysomething woman bows at the pole. Another sixtysomething woman flips over in a circle, her underwear showing.

Cyrus falls from the azure blue sky several times. In a poodle skirt, chestnut-brown blouse and pale pink scarf around her neck, she and her several other dancers perform a routine on a 1950s teen dance show.

Rating: 3.5/5

Miley Cyrus wants to return to simpler times. Her ideal career trajectory would be gaining fame on a local 1950s teen dance show, have a hit single or two and then become a performer on a children’s educational program. Per the censors, her clothes would be required to stay on at all times.

After her Bangerz years, the restrictive and rule-abiding era of the 1950s is welcoming. Without the pressure to shock on television shows or help fuel social media feuds, being a celebrity actually meant there was a focus on talent.

In her 60s, she couldn’t see herself swinging on a pole and wearing nothing. Seeing senior citizens emulate her behavior causes her to cringe. They look ridiculous puffing out their lips in their tight blouses. She shames herself for flashing her tongue and emboldening others to do the same. An apology for her inappropriate behavior is in order. She had acted without any boundaries or self-awareness. Things were taken too far and she hopes the public will forgive her.

Directors: Diane Martel & Miley Cyrus Year: 2017


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