In denim shorts, orange sneakers, striped top and denim jacket, Rachel Platten rides her bike on the street on a weekday afternoon. She glances over her shoulder and spots a couple riding together. Two other people join them, cycling to the side. They follow behind her. A woman with a bald head shakes her shoulders.

She raises both arms up while in the back, the women lift one leg up, balancing themselves and then stand on top of the seat. Then they lift their legs, spinning the back wheels with their arms spread out. One person leaps over the curb.

Under the sunrise, she sings in a parking lot, wearing a coat, as the cyclists bike in circles,  riding past her. Two women hold hands as they spin on one wheel together. While she stands in the center, they form two circles around her. She puts her  arm up in the air, laughing.

Rating: 3/5

Rachel Platten, due to her inflexible schedule, hasn’t been able to be a part of a cycling group. Over the weekends, the groups ride into the city, talking with one another or simply enjoying the view.

One Monday while riding, she started to talk to the person next to her. It turned out that the young woman and several of her friends were part of a cycling group in the Los Angeles area. She told Platten the group’s name on Facebook and encouraged her to join.

During a break, she asked where they learned all the tricks. The young woman said they were professionals and had been training since they were teenagers. Every year, they compete in the BMX Circuit. She added that between them, they’ve won several medals and qualified for  the international events.

A few weekdays later, they are teaching her to balance on her seat. However, after nearly falling, she decides to watch her friends perform instead.

Director: Allie Avital Year: 2017


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