Video Review: Luke Combs "When It Rains It Pours"

In their Sunday best, a family walks onto their front lawn. The mom asks if everyone has their Bibles. Smoke filters through air as they see Luke Combs passed out on his roof, his car on fire. The father says they should leave.

Combs’ girlfriend steps inside the family room of their home and groans as she sets down her backpack. Crunched plastic cups are all over, men are slumped over in the furniture and on the floor. In their bedroom, she throws her backpack at Combs and shouts that she’s tired of his reckless parties. He lifts his head up to look at her and goes to back to sleep. She declares she’s done and leaves him.

Combs plays his guitar by the lake.

He drives the gas station and tells the clerk to put 20 dollars on pump 5. He adds that he would like a lottery ticket. On the counter, he scratches off the sheet with a nickel and wins. With his arms in the air, streamers fall from the ceiling.

On a vacation, he treads water in the pool while talking with friends and rides on the Gryphon yacht. Two weeks later, he finds note in his door. Written by his ex-girlfriend, it simply says “I’m sorry.” She listens to him on the radio.

While at a restaurant, a pretty server writes her name on his check with a heart around it. He gives her a call and they start to date. His ex-girlfriend frowns as she views his Instagram. He and his play golf on at the country club and ride motorboats in the ocean. On a day off from recording, he fishes in the lake.

The video summarizes the last 3 minutes.

From the boat, they drink beer and watch the sunset.

Rating: 1/5

 Every time Luke Combs filled up on gas, he played the lottery. If music didn’t come to pass, he might win on the jackpot. To his girlfriend and neighbors, he was a drunken slacker who strummed his guitar and worked sometimes. He needed something to work out for him. Then, he won the 500 million dollar jackpot. He was featured on the news holding a giant check.

Then, his agent called him and said radios are picking up his demo, after recognizing his name from his tapes. It became a huge hit, turning him into a celebrity overnight. While eating lunch, he stopped at a diner and chatted with a pretty, blonde server. He was thinking of asking her out but thought he was pushing his luck. As he looked over his check, he noticed by a heart next to the total. He wrote down her number and gave her a call. In a year, he plans to take her on a tropical vacation and propose.

Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend keeps contacting him and he blocked her on his phone. She was a hypocrite, demanding him to clean up after himself then leaving wine bottles and whatever home selling product she was trying to get her friends to buy in the family room. She would roll her eyes as he worked on his music, telling him to get a real job and said he needed to budget his money better. Still, he believed he would win the lottery and sing one day. Somehow, he managed both. Now, he has the life he always wanted but felt out of reach.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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