Video Review: Usher "Burn"

Underneath a painting of his girlfriend (Jessica Clark), Usher sits in the chair, explaining to her that their relationship is over.

Against a black background, a single tear falls from her eye.

He stares out the patio door, punching the glass as he imagines her diving into the pool, wearing his favorite bikini on her. As she swims, flames lick over the surface of the water.

In the bed, he sleeps with another woman. Lit in gray, his girlfriend touches his arm in the same bed. He sits at the end of the bed as the random young woman wears a bathrobe, staring at him. In flashback, she laughs. The random young woman puts her arms around his neck and he pulls back. He gets off the bed and it combusts.

Driving in downtown Los Angeles, he sees her in the rearview mirror, smiling at him. Sitting next to him, she tilts her head towards him, watching him drive. Back at their home, the painting behind starts on fire. She walks by the patio door, the rolling waves of the pool reflected in her eyes.

On the road, he brakes past, putting his hands up by the dashboard, believing the woman is her. However, it’s his imagination. He gets out of the car and begins to dance. The tips of the palm trees ablaze, ash and wood flying in the air. He brushes the dust off his shoulder and the top of his car.

Rating: 4/5

She was asking questions as to why he didn’t call and said she needed an answer regarding Thanksgiving. Her mother wants to make his favorite dish. Sitting opposite of her in the chair, the painting he commissioned of her underneath him, he explains that they can’t be together anymore.

Her lips quicker. Voice shaking, she asks if there was somebody else. He answers yes. She puts her hands to her face and wails. He winces in his chair, waiting for her compose herself. He adds they can still be friends and she nods then says she wants to go home.

A week later, he already misses her. She was an avid swimmer and spent much of her time over at his house in the pool. She walk inside, give him a kiss, getting his sleeves wet and then head upstairs. He thinks of the excuses he made and the many women he had. In the morning, he would listen to his voicemail and cringed, as she told him to feel better. She’s a wonderful young woman and should be with someone who won’t deceive her.  Wracked with guilt, he avoided calling her back until he was prepared. Breaking up with her was the best thing he could do for her.

Director: Jake Nava Year: 2004

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