Video Review: Post Malone "Go Flex"

In the parking structure, Post Malone walks to car, turns on the engine and adjusts the mirror, showing his eyes.

He strums the guitar while sitting on a box inside a warehouse. The smoke from his cigarette curls by the edges of the roof. He stands by some poles as spotlights beam upon him.

A young woman (Lia Marie Johnson) sits on the hood of a vintage car, playing with her hair, in the desert.

He grins, his teeth gold and gives the sign of the horns in the warehouse. He points out his multiple gold chains around his neck.

As the sun sets in the desert, he dances, waving his hand in the air.  The young woman holds up a flag and wraps herself in it.

Sparks drop from the ceiling in the warehouse. He holds a gold baseball bat with spikes around his neck A friend smokes in the warehouse. He shakes his bat as flames rise up from behind him. His friend dances with him. A pile of cigarettes burns on the floor.

He continues to play the guitar and grins again with his gold teeth.

Rating: 0/5

Post Malone, with his hipster man bun, covets Jay-Z’s ambition. He works on his music, creating his raps from a melody he writes on his guitar. Sometimes, he’ll deviate and compose a country song.

However, a friend interrupts him and invites him to have a smoke. While he inhales, any lyrics leave his head as it becomes fogged. Eyelids heavy and rambling nonsense, he and his friend dance in the warehouse. He puts all his gold jewelry on display for his friend, saying it was most of advance. By the end of the afternoon, he can hardly lift his arm up and keep his eyes open. A fragment of a lyric passes through his mind and he ignores it, preferring to find some fast food instead.

Directors: James Defina & Chris Velona Year: 2016

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