Video Review: Sweet Sensation "Love Child"

Two young women walk on the sidewalk, carrying their books, chatting about their test for first period. A person puts their bike in the rack. A young man rides his skateboard to the entrance of the school. At the steps, a young woman gazes up at her boyfriend. The bell rings and the students walk inside. Betty, Margi and Sheila continue to hang out by the steps. Once they hear the warning bell, they enter.

In the hallway, Betty, with her finger hooked on her studded belt, Margi and Sheila sing and dance. Their classmates pass by, some without giving them a second glance. A young man closes his locker.

Students flip through pages of a test in a classroom. Sheila, Betty and Margi perform by the door.

Three young men dance in the auditorium. Sheila, Betty and Margi join them, finishing the routine.

Against the navy blue background, Sheila, Betty and Margi sing and dance.

After school, Betty leans against the school, wearing a t-shirt saying “Love Child” with Sheila and Margi next to her.

Rating: 3.5/5

Betty can’t go anywhere in town without being reminded of her mother’s past. While she shops for cosmetics and walks the halls of school, the whispers start. Growing up with her mom, she had asked what happened to her dad. Her mother told her he had passed away. But when she saw the owner of a sports team on television, his eyes seemed familiar to her. She would walk right up to the screen, examining the man’s face.

Five years ago, the owner ran for governor. Right before the election, her mother’s name was in the newspaper and on the news. She asked every day to see her dad and asked her mom to call him. Her mother began to cry, telling her she couldn’t. She stomped her feet into her bedroom, sobbing and angry at her mother for keeping her from her dad.

She had found where he lived and knocked on his door.  He told her he had a family with his wife. After wishing her well, he sent her back home. She cried for weeks, wishing for the fantasy of her father.

Sixteen years ago, her mother had an affair with a prominent married businessman. It began at a party. Her mother had explained he was a clerk in his family’s business at the time while attending college. After a passionate year, she told him she was pregnant. He told her to take care of “it” and he’ll pay the expenses. She told him no and he cut her off, saying the child was hers and he would have nothing to do with “it.”

Now, a junior in high school, she and her friends have formed a group and sing. They are known for their performances in local clubs and were featured in the newspaper. It was after high school, they gained national success. Her father began to mention her name when talking to reporters. He stated how proud he was of her. One night, he called her, asking if they could start over. She hung up on him, telling him to stay out of her life.

Director: N/A Year: 1990


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