Video Review: Fifth Harmony "He Like That"

As the vinyl record player spins the song. men nuzzle by Lauren and Normani touches a man’s face while the room alternates between electric blue, hot pink, mustard yellow and a grassy green light.

On a stage, lit underneath a faded pink, Dinah Jane dances with a young man, avoiding the bicycle a few feet away. She whips her hair around and shakes her hips. He slides beneath her legs and helps her off the floor. They lean against one another.

With speakers attached to the wall inside a room, Normani saddles a young man and grinds her butt against him.

Lit in alternating colors of lava red, violet, and grassy green,  Lauren and Ally Brooke hang out on a puffy couch with dozens of men touching them.

Against a brick wall, Normani bumps a man with her butt while Lauren waits. Normani, Ally Brooke, Lauren, and Dinah Jane relax on the couch after the men have gone.

Decorated with paintings of the eye, Ally Brooke and a young man dance. He spins her around. She bends down and he touches her chin. Back in the room with the speakers against the wall, Normani hooks her legs around a man while another waits to carry her into his arms.

In the club, Fifth Harmony dance together as two men slide across the floor. The DJ plays in the background.

Painted with graffiti, a young man grabs Lauren’s butt as they dance. He runs his mouth over her stomach while she slaps his face.

Fifth Harmony and a couple of men roll their hips against the brick wall. In the club, the men join in the routine with Fifth Harmony.

On the couch, Ally Brooke twists a strand of hair while a group of men sit next to her.

Dinah Jane and Normani sit on two men’s backs as they do push-ups by the brick wall.

Rating: 2.5/5

The beefcake men, with their throbbing six-pack abs and muscles, paw at the members of Fifth Harmony. Shirtless and full of lust, they service the group with their touch. They do not think or have much personality beyond their bodies. Despite their impeccable physique, they are fragile.

Dinah Jane, Normani, Ally Brooke lie back, letting the men nuzzle their necks and kiss them. Lauren, though, finds their clinginess off-putting and turns them away from her. A man kisses her one the cheek and she lets out a nervous laugh. She prefers to sit on the couch with her friends, hanging out.

Lauren’s point of view raises the issue of consent. With Fifth Harmony in charge, there seems to be an implicit agreement in place that while the boundaries are loose, they can back off at any time. As women, they have the protection in case a man gets out of control.

Director: James Larese Year: 2017

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