Video Review: Ace of Base "Cruel Summer (US Version)"

At the train tracks. a young woman sits the counter, swinging her feet. She picks her nails by the stairs. She grabs her duffel bag and suitcase, leaving the station.

Underneath a crimson sheet, Jonas and Ulf dance. Jenny sings at the microphone by the crimson sheet. Ulf and Jonas walk down the stairs.

The young woman rides the escalator and traces her hand along the stairwell as she waits. She bends down at her new apartment, looking out the window.

Linn leans against the wall. Ulf and Jonas stand next to Jenny as she sings. Ulf motions by a fan.

She takes the Scrunchy out of her hair and pours water over her head. Shielding her eyes, she finds an office building and takes off her flannel shirt. She changes into a tank top and fans herself. Linn sits in a chair, her legs crossed.

She leans against a pole at the bus stop, watching rush hour traffic go by. Spotting a “Waitress Wanted” sign at a diner, she goes in for an interview. The sign gets taken down and she ties the apron around her waist. Holding a rag in her hand, she smiles at the blonde cook. Another waitress puts her head on his shoulder. Disappointed, she looks back to see if she has any tables.

A man finishes eating his spaghetti and takes his bib off his shirt. She sits on top of table, thinking. After work, she rides a motorcycle back home. Ulf laughs. Ulf and Jonas lean against columns. Linn sits in a chair.

She brushes back her hair and sees the cook by himself as he stands with a group of friends.

Rating: 2/5

Two weeks ago, she quit her job after saving enough money and bought a train ticket to a major city. Her small town was too slow for her. Even as she waits in the station, no one is there. Other than the employees, only a few people sit in the chairs. They wave to her and ask her where she’s going. She tells them she’s moving to the city and they exclaim with surprise “why?” They may find comfort by the simplicity but for her, she needs more. She responds she needs a change.

In the city, she applies for the first job she sees: waitress. She spots the cook, who all day, has been coaching her on what to do. When he rolled his eyes after she told him the customer said the food was still too cold, she thought she had found her first friend. However, the other waitress puts her head on his shoulder and whispers to him. She looks away. Of course he’s taken.

She leaves work, thinking it’s only one day and then sees the young man with his friends near her apartment. He smiles at her and she knows it will be okay.

Director: Nigel Dick Year: 1998


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