Video Review: Cardi B "Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)"

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Cardi B wears an abaya. Men walk their camels in the searing desert. A cheetah bares its teeth.

Cardi B, wearing an abaya and hijab, raps next to a camel. Sitting on the steps of a palace, she raps with the cheetah leashed beside her. The cheetah, with its baby face, waits for a pat on the head.

Diamonds fall onto a table inside a club. Cardi B moves in a chair, wearing a mesh top with patches and fishnets. A flamethrower balances a fiery pole on her arm. In a low-cut dress, she sits on top of a lavender sports car.

A woman uses her money as a fan while sitting in the booth. Another man taps the table as she raps. He throws his money at her and drinks his liquor. The cheetah takes a cat nap. Cardi B stands in the center of the table. She joins in a toast with her friends. The cheetah gives in and falls asleep.

She pets the cheetah on the head. It closes it eyes, grateful for the affection. She licks her lips while sitting at the table. The cheetah gives a passer-by the side-eye.  She continues to ride the camel. The men lead their pack of camels in the desert.

Rating: 0/5

Wearing an abaya and hijab, Cardi B presents an alienating view of Dubai to a Western audience, viewing the country as rich but restrictive, requiring women to cloak themselves for religious reasons.

The United Arab Emirates seems to have an informal dress code in place, according to Citizens can report a young woman wearing a mini-skirt or a man only in shorts. The abaya and hijab is not everyday wear.

Although from the outside, United Arab Emirates seems to be made of pure gold, BBC News reported in April 2009 that immigrant workers lived in a sewage-filled community. With low wages, they are unable to leave and risk being fired if a mistake is made in their construction work.

Dubai has a middle class, who are in need of inexpensive homes. Gulf News reported in 2008 that construction was expected to start. While in the summer, temperatures rise into the 100s, around October it begins to taper off at about 77 degrees. 

Director: Picture Perfect Year: 2017

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