Video Review: Paul Young "Oh Girl"

Seen through a tawny coated filter, two women learn to ride on a motorcycle.

Paul Young leans against the doorway of the Pelicano store and walks back inside.

Through the tawny coated filter, a woman digs into the dough in her kitchen. Another young woman shaves her legs. She wets the razor with her tongue and reaches for her ankle.

Young holds his guitar on his stomach and looks outside the window.  He starts to play.

Two twentysomething women, through the tawny coated filter, run up the stairs and apply lipstick in the mirror. They smile at one another when they finish.

Outside the Pelicano, a woman takes her harmonica out of the water and begins to play. Two women fix their stalled car. A woman puts a funnel while another woman pours gas inside the tank.

Above the Pelicano, a woman, seen through an ice blue filter, blows some soapy bubbles from her cupped hands and laughs. The woman in the kitchen wipes her forehead. A woman wrings out a wash rag. However, it falls out of her hands and she reaches for it.

He taps his foot on the table as he plays.

Rating: 1.5/5

With nostalgia, Paul Young yearns for the 1950s era of women. Then, a woman’s first priority was taking care of herself by shaving her legs and putting on lipstick. Riding a motorcycle was seen as unladylike. However, curiosity about the machine was okay. Though, the mechanics may confuse them.

As twentysomethings, they are happy to be alive,ignorant of the political goings-on around them, concerned solely about their friendships and cleaning their homes. They look to their mothers, who bake all day, as role models. However, they fail to notice the bitter gaze in their mother’s eyes.

The generational gap is apparent. It’s the young people who feed into the stereotypes of who they are expected to be. However, it’s the thirtysomething women who are seen as a novelty for fixing their cars.  They struggle and chide themselves for not finding a man to do it for them.

Director: N/A Year: 1990


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