Video Review: En Vogue "My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)"

A disco ball, lit in Parisian blue, spins from the ceiling. Against a white background, two male dancers perform a routine in silhouette.

Dawn, Maxine, Cindy, Terry, wearing silver mini dresses, dance against a Parisian blue background. They walk together on the stage, spotlights burning

In silhouette, the two male dancers between two poles. dotted with white lights.

Lit in Parisian blue, Maxine stretches out on the stage in her fringed bodysuit and fishnets.

Continuing in the blue, Maxine and her boyfriend take shelter from the rain in the entryway of a store. He presses her against the wall and traces her chin.

In black-and-white, Maxine sits in a rotating chair. Dawn runs her hand along the barre, lit in Parisian blue. Back at the store, Maxine tilts her head back. A male dancer, wearing Parisian blue spandex, waves his hands in front of his face while he dances against a matching curtain.

In black-and-white, Dawn, Maxine, Terry and Cindy dance against the barre. Maxine’s boyfriend’s approaches her in the foyer. The screen fades to black. She shoves him and then slaps him. He falls to the floor.

The man in spandex turns his head on the floor. In black-and-white, she kicks him with her heel. The fringe from the Maxine’s costume sparkles as each group member takes her turn in her individual shot.

Terry and Maxine, lit in Parisian blue, high-five one another and touch the ends of their hair. In silhouette, the male dancer does the splits.

Dawn, Terry, Maxine and Cindy walk off the stage, the spotlight searching for them.

Rating: 5/5

 As the disco ball spins, En Vogue wear metallic silver mini dresses as they perform their routine at the burlesque club. Two men in silhouette perform a routine which could be from a Broadway show. A young Maxine falls in love and then kills her boyfriend as a femme fatale in a film noir. A male dancer wears spandex, creating a futuristic element.

While there isn’t a cohesive narrative, the motifs weave together to develop an outline of the characters.

Lit in a romantic Parisian blue, Maxine and her boyfriend find an open door and enter a store, long closed. He touches her chin as she waits for a kiss. However, once they married, their roles reversed and he began to fear her. In black-and-white, he approaches her. She stays at the door and slaps him, knocking him to the floor. In Parisian blue, the man takes his last gasps, his possible future crossing through his mind.

The Broadway dancing tempers the murder, hinting that Maxine’s fame with the girl group could bring up her past and she could face consequences. The one person she could tell anything to is Dawn. Each day, Maxine is careful not to slip. Dawn thinks she’s the strongest person she knows. The story is only beginning.

Director: Matthew Rolston Year: 1992


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