Video Review: Why Don’t We "Something Different"

At the art gallery, the curator exclaims “another patron!” and puts his glasses in his desk. He welcomes the person, giving them a pass and headphones. Gesturing to be followed, the person walks to the “Steady by the Hedge” painting. The curator touches the button and noticing the dazed look on the person’s face shuts it off. He says they should “try something different” and presses the button on a blank canvas.

The person walks around the gallery and sees Corbyn sitting on a stool, dabbing some paint on his brush. Walking behind him, the person views the work in progress. The portrait of Zach leaning against a tree turns real. He licks his lips and then stares to the right. The painting pauses again.

Jack enters from the left side and walks past a painting of Jonah standing on the mountain, the sunrise behind him. The painting turns real and Zack walks to another one nailed to the mountain.

Back at the gallery, Daniel passes by a painting of the lady sitting in the yellow chair, which was nailed on the mountain and a portrait of himself in a suit, which is real. In the next painting, a few hands grab at him and in the final one, three versions of him bop to the music against a black background.

Corbyn, leaning against the pole, directs the person back to where he is. Corbyn hangs up another painting. Zach enters from the left, walking past an ivory painting. Corbyn walks through the painting in a loop. Jack breaks the cycle and stares at the person.

The painting cracks and Jack leads the person to a couch. There, Corbyn, Zach, Jonah and Daniel sit. It turns into a painting. The curator gives a thumbs up to the person as they leave. The curator greets another a woman.

Rating: 4/5

The person’s friend had been meaning to get some art for their home and decided to visit the local gallery to support area paintings. The weekly newspaper had written it was depthless display of simple landscapes and safe designs.

The reviewer was right. While pressing the button at the “Steady At the Hedge.” the person thought the audio was a pretentious touch, given the $150 asking price.  However, the person was glad to see young talent being nurtured. Several young men kept passing by, introducing themselves and asking for opinions. The person provided a polite answer, saying they were good and wished them well.

Then, the person dropped off their headphones and put in the address for a well-known gallery further in the state, famous for its experimental installations and brash sculptures.

Director: Logan Paul Year: 2017

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