Video Review: Halsey "Bad At Love"

After riding for several hours, the needle turns to E and begins to ding. Halsey pulls off the road and into the gas station.

Wearing a red dress with spaghetti straps, Halsey sings in the field near the road.

Taking off her helmet, she walks into the gas station and puts on some headphones. She listens to music as she shops. She flips open the newspaper and sees the Wanted sign, featuring her photo.

She leans against the bathroom door, listening. Three young women watch her from the beverage aisle. Opening the door, a man with an elephant nose shows her a card and flicks it. She runs and one of the women shove her against the cooler. She pulls the woman’s hands behind her back. The woman laughs while another says hello.

The police arrive at the gas station, their sirens blaring. Halsey turns away from the window and her friends devise a plan. Two of her friends walk up to the police officers and handcuff them to their cars.

Halsey jumps in the back of her friend’s vintage car and tosses her jacket. As they drive, she raises her arms and shouts, grateful for some relief. They stop at the side of the road, where a tent is pitched. A little girl waves to her, which she returns.

Inside the tent, she puts her hand in the water to touch the goldfish and then views him through its enclosed crystal ball. At the end of the day, they celebrate with wine.

Rating: 4/5

Halsey would do take the fall all over again for her boyfriend. Regardless of his choice, his last name is associated with crime. However, he didn’t want a part of that life. He wanted to be able to become a legitimate businessman and donate to charities. But his family steered him away, pulling him into their schemes.

She had been riding the motorcycle for hours as fast as she could, her radio off as she listens for sirens. She turned directions several times in case she was being followed. From here on now, her home is gone. She lives on the road, hoping to find people who will help her out.

While at the gas station, she sees that she’s a wanted fugitive. The police stop at the gas pump. Scared, she looks to her friends, hoping they will have a solution. Two of her friends distract while she sneaks out the back door.

They stop at the tent, where her friends have been living. She’s amazed at how advanced it is. The home is made of objects found scattered on the road and in the field. An expensive vase is a fishbowl. Chairs left behind from parades help create a patio in the back. They toast and she wonders how much longer her freedom will last.

Directors: Sing J. Lee & Halsey  Year: 2017

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