Video Review: Matchbox Twenty "Disease"

Around 10 p.m., a young man turns on his boombox. It lights up in neon primary colors. Carrying his boombox, he skates on a sidewalk in New York City. He exits the subway and crosses the street, heading for a parking garage.

On a television screen in Times Square, Rob sings as the young man skates by. The young man dances on his tip toes at the car wash and then in the an island in the road. While he skates down the street, the road lights up canary yellow.

He spins in the middle of the television screen, each showing Rob singing above. Skating backwards through the parking garage, he heads back to Times Square again, trying to figure out where he is. As he skates past a limosuine, it lights up a canary yellow.

At an outdoor roller rink, Matchbox Twenty perform on a circle platform underneath a disco ball. Hundreds of skaters whizz by them. Rob slides on the floor as the young man sets his boombox on the floor. A helicopter hovers above the rink, shining its spotlight on Rob.

Two hours later, the young man skates back to his stoop, turns off his boombox, shutting off all the lights in the city and walks inside his home.

Rating: 1/5

A professional roller skater speeds by New York City, which dims it power to showcase Matchbox Twenty. While he whooshes by various areas of the city, the night obscures the historic theatres, forcing them into the background. His boombox takes up the most of the view. The car wash, advertising its super royal touch wash, is the only place allowed to have detail and character. Its marquee lists specific prices while two cars wait in line.

According to the New York City Inline Skating Guide, most of the rinks have closed since the video’s filming. Unfortunately, the rink’s name gets bypassed and it’s unknown whether its still exists. Although it seems to be the Wollman Rink in Central Park, given the information found at both websites. Without knowing exact information, the skating rink is considered a disposed place that could be torn down within hours and replaced with some housing.

Director: Phil Harder Year: 2002


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