Video Review: Fergie & Rick Ross "Hungry'

In black-and-white, Fergie peers through a phoropter and adjusts it. In a split screen, the ocean swells, a monster forming in its foam. A person, buried in the wall, stretches its arms.

Rick Ross, seen through the split screen, flicks his collar. Driving at an accelerated pace through a tunnel, it leads to the iris of Fergie’s eye. Fergie and Ross turn to face the front in the split screen. A giant spider forms two bodies and walks across the land underneath a stormy sky. Needles drop and become guns.

An explosion occurs as two men dance. Fergie holds scissors in her hands. She sings by herself. The top half of her body spins by itself. A lion roars. Fergie cuts off her hair. Two men fight, blending into one another. Pills fall on the ground. Glass breaks into rectangular pieces.

An apple is sliced with a long knife. A glass full of water breaks on the left as a young man dances to the right of the screen. A dove flies into the darkness on left as a pill aims for it on the right. The moon moves through the clouds.

Ross raps while Fergie lies on a sports car. She leans against Ross. He sits next to her on the car while she runs her finger across her lips. A rose collapses while a needle drops during the split screen.

The chart reads Double Dutchess Fergie.

Rating: 4/5

Evocative of a manic psyche, Fergie uses the phorpter to cleanse her vision as a solution. However, her mind continues to revisit past horrors. Years of resentment have given her a fixation on violence. She bites her fingers through her gloves, hoping to taste blood.

She was the dove, once, unaware it was flying toward its hastened death. Then, the beautiful became demonic as she feed her body cocaine to get through the days.  At the ocean, where she would relax, she saw a monster’s face as the waves crashed to shore. Love disappeared, her compassion stolen and for her, it went inside the needle.

The savage black-and-white, with its inverted aggressive human images, worships chaos. Biting her gloves, Fergie clamors for power via her sexuality. She touches her body and bites her gloves, indicating she is capable of anything. She will do what she has to do to fight her own mind. Whether she wins is a mystery.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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