Video Review: Lana Del Rey "Love"

In black-and-white, Lana Del Rey shuffles her feet as she sings at the microphone. On a table, the embers of a cigarette flicker and dance on the paper.

In color, a young woman with platinum blonde hair laughs as she helps her boyfriend fix his pick-up truck. He turns the key and she exclaims “woo!” They drive off.

Over lunch, a brunette woman swings her cropped hair as her boyfriend takes a photo on his phone. He laughs into his arm while she throws her head back after they see the other series of photos. With his arm around her, they walk down on the beach.

During the sunset, a young man, his girlfriend and best friend park on top of the hill to view it. A auburn-haired young woman rides on the boardwalk with her skateboard.

Back to black-and-white, the couples watch Del Rey sing in the theatre. They nod their heads and close their eyes, soaking in the lyrics.

She opens her eyes, the color becoming a cobalt blue. Above, the moon hangs over the audience. The young man watches his girlfriend gaze at the moon while they circle the earth. Asleep, the auburn-haired young woman floats in space, her skateboard flipping by her feet. The young man, his girlfriend and best friend circle the sun in their pick-up truck.

Del Rey sings on the moon’s bumpy surface. In the midnight sky, a young woman drives a motorboat and glances over at her boyfriend while they past the mountains. The young people get out of the kayak and walk in the water. They splash one another and watch an asteroid hurtle¬†towards Earth. They walk the molded path in a line, helping one another reach the top. The brunette young woman reaches for her boyfriend’s hand. They kiss.

On the molded path, they watch the half-moon eclipse a black hole. Del Rey gazes at the stars.

Rating: 5/5

It was an ordinary day for the couples and friends. One young couple fixed the engine of a pick-up truck. A strange noise had been occurring and he wanted to figure out what it was before their two-hour drive to the theatre. In the city, another couple eats their lunch and posts it online. They visit the before heading to the show. A group of friends stop to watch the sunset.

It was their last day on Earth. While at the Lana Del Rey concert, the moon became enlarged, burning the ceiling of the theatre. The audience was flung to various ends of the solar system. Del Rey landed on the moon. The impact had knocked one woman out unconscious. The couple, who had their lunch, reached for one another. The young man held onto his girlfriend with all his strength, hoping to feel blood pumping in her veins He gave her a kiss, relieved to see she survived.

On the surface of the neighboring planet, they stick together and explore their new surroundings. They find a motorboat and speed in the ocean. However, the asteroid heading towards Earth causes them to pause. Stunned and fearful, they see Earth get oblierated in a matter of seconds. The black hole serves its ever present warning and it hits them their time is shortened.

Director: Rich Lee Year: 2017

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