Video Review: Mariah Carey & YG "I Don’t"

Wearing a black leather jacket and a wedding dress, Mariah Carey runs out of a mansion. The paparazzi snap photos of her as she climbs into the backseat of a sports car.  YG stands on the balcony, rapping.

In the backseat, she takes off the gown and plays with the tulle. She sits in the backseat, running a gold chain through her fingers. She touches her thigh and stands up on the car and bends down, touching her ankles.  She lies in the backseat, stretching out her legs while YG sits in the passenger seat, nodding his head.

YG sits at the dining table and drinks some whiskey.  In the backseat, she gives the finger and smirks. She sits on top of the car, wearing a shredded, black leather catsuit. At the dining table, YG taps his heart and shakes his head. Carey sits next to him, her arm on the back of his chair and smiles at him.

Wearing a tight, red dress with cutouts on the sides of the body, she dumps her wedding dress in a fire pit. She puts her arms around her shoulders, hugging herself. She wags her finger at the camera and then walks around the fire, the end of her gown nearing the flames. Touching the side of her breasts, she flicks her hair and walks away.

Rating: 0/5

Rumors of have been swirling that Mariah Carey’s engagement has been in trouble for months. The paparazzi camp out at her mansion, waiting for her to come out and give them a reaction.

Carey runs out of the mansion in her wedding dress, looking over her shoulder, fearing for her life. Then, she strips down for the photographers. Taking off the tulle, she wears a white bodice with a garter on her leg. It was the lingerie she bought for her wedding night. The photographers shout questions at her, asking her what happened. With her phone beside her, she waits for the reporters to call and snaps her fingers for her assistant.

After the publicity stunt is finished, she throws her wedding dress into the fire, wanting to forget the humiliating chapter of her life and checks her phone messages. She nods to YG, who she hopes to mentor. In between takes, she gives him advice about the business and tells him he can contact her if he ever has any questions.

No one tells Carey what to do, though. She has been in the business for over twenty years now and can steer her own career by herself. For costume design, she seems to have visited local adult superstores in the Los Angeles area that specialize in fetish clothing. Carey’s shredded, black leather catsuit, which exposes her stomach and pushes her breasts together, has thin, rigid strings that seem to want to break with the slightest movement.

 Director: Mariah Carey Year: 2017

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