Video Review: Moby & Gwen Stefani "South Side"

On a bed, wearing a sweatshirt, Moby holds a flower pot with a daisy in it as the camera flashes. Gwen Stefani sits behind him, moving her shoulders. She leans in to kiss him and they move away from one another before they connect. Moby walks past the camera and the makeup artists touches up on his blush.

Stylists put necklaces around her neck as she sits down a stool. An executive gives her a thumbs up and lets out an exaggerated laugh. The stylists put a feather boa around Moby’s neck and he puts a grill inside his mouth to cover his teeth. The custodian mops while Moby sits on a stool, a neon sign blinking his name behind him.

Set designers move microphone stands. Gwen moves in her stool as her own neon sign with her name flashes. Stand-ins sit on the bed while the director figures out the angle. Moby sits in a luxury car with women surrounding him. Two women drink champagne and kiss in the backseat. The woman next to him rubs his chest.

Back on the bed, Moby sings and spits out a piece from the fake grill. The director calls cut and Stefani rolls her eyes. The director talks to her and she blocks him from touching her. With two fans facing her, she lipsyncs. Several people on computers type on their keyboards.

In kelly green neon, a sign says Restrooms. In the clear stalls, people make out. She dances in the lobby. The director smacks his gum as he zooms in on the Gwen Stefani stand-in taking off Moby stand-in’s shirt.

On the bed, Stefani licks Moby’s head. Moby talks on his phone while filming a shot on the dance floor. Stefani dances. Two female assistants talk with an executive who gawks at a woman in a bathing suit. A clothes rack of suits catch on fire. Moby hands the phone over to Stefani. Sitting on the stool, Moby sucks on a finger attached to his ring.

Rating: 0/5

Behind the scenes of a video set, a director tries to cop a feel of his female star and exploits the stand-ins. With a wide grin, he moves the camera closer to the male’s stand-in chest, lingering on every ripple on his body.

Gwen Stefani tolerates the director, who seems to have been singling her after rejecting his advances. She searches the room for the executive who gave her the thumbs-up. Stories have been circulating about him for a long time and she prefers to stay away. His “set visits” are usually an excuse to ogle women and hopefully, catch a glimpse of a female star’s breasts or other private parts while changing.

On set, two young women approach him, giggling, hoping for a private meeting. The women agree that he’s a creep but he’s well-connected and ignoring his request could end their career.

Moby, on the other hand, wears the feather boa and break dances. While on the dance floor, he accidentally hits her ankle with his foot. He glances over at Stefani, comfortable in her icy blue eyeshadow and six-inch length fingernails, dancing to the beat with a detached smile then calls his manager. Maybe there’s time to film another version.

Director: Joseph Kahn Year: 2000

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