Video Review: Nivea "Don’t Mess With The Radio"

The sun shines bright outside Nivea’s mansion. A book titled “Love” is beside her as she sleeps. Her parrot’s dancing and talking wakes up her. She yawns and then waves at her parrot.

She taps her bare feet on the pure white fluffy rug and walks downstairs. At the counter, she fixes herself a giant bowl of Froot Loops and some orange juice. She sets them down on the apple red dining table. Underneath the table, her dog eats the stray Froot Loop while she reads the newspaper. She gazes at an advertisement for a SUV.

She drives with her friends in the same SUV. They sing and dance along to the radio. Two of her friends hang out of the sun roof.

Wearing a star speckled denim blue tank top and jeans, she leans against a candy red wall. She dances against the narrow rectangular walls.

By the club, she meets a young man and hands him some flyers. He helps her pull into the parking space. A group of people hang out in the parking lot. She and her friends talk by the trunk of her car. The young man watches her from his car.

Against a chartreuse wall, Nivea and a group of dancers perform a routine.

While she talks to the young man, he puts out his hand and a drop of rain falls. After some thunder, it begins to pour. Nivea covers her head and she runs inside her car. The young man sits next to her as she wipes strands of her hair with her fingers. He says he doesn’t like the song and switches the radio station. She tells him “no” and kicks him out of her car.

Rating: 3/5

Music follows her everywhere. Her parrot mimics her favorite morning DJ to wake her up in the morning. At breakfast, she has the radio next to her as she eats her breakfast. In between bites, she dances to the new songs premiering on the station.

While out with her friends, she controls the playlist. Everyone dances in her car but they know not to touch the dial. They will get their hands slapped. A few friendships ended over some vapid pop beat. Nivea likes the bassline heavy and hook hot.

At a parking lot, a young man starts to talk to her. She thinks he’s handsome and smart. However, he gets inside her car and changes the station right away. Red flags start waving over the guy’s head and she tells him to get out. She barely knows him and he’s already pushing boundaries. As she throws him out, she doesn’t care if he gets pneumonia or complains to his friends about her. She thinks it was an early sign that he would’ve controlled her entire life.

Director: N/A Year: 2001

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