Video Review: Paramore "Told You So"

Hayley looks out her window as a severe candy red light beams in from across the street.

Zac, wearing a red beret, matching suit and black rimmed glasses drives the car. Taylor, wearing the same outfit, plays the guitar in the backseat.

In a darkened room, Hayley sings, the shadows from the blinds lining the wall. Zac points something out to Taylor. They both point in the same direction.

With a blanket around her, she cries in the middle of the family room. Zac takes a picture with his camera while driving. By the window, Hayley covers her eyes from the light. Zac puts Taylor’s finger down on the seat.

Hayley walks down the hallway and walks up the stairs. She runs her hands along the wall. Taylor turns around in the backseat to watch the traffic.

In the front yard, she waves to the car lights approaching her driveway. The rumpled blanket is left on the floor.

She sits next to Zac in the car, wearing a matching outfit. The word “right” is written over her mouth. Still driving, Zac hits the trambourine. Hayley rests her feet on the dashboard and looks out the window. Viewing something in the distance, she tips her sunglasses to her nose.

They continue to drive into the severe red light Hayley saw from her window. Her image of her between the blinds is superimposed  over them as they drive. In the severe red light, Hayley places her hand on the window.

The severe red light flares up in the background as Hayley slams the car door and walks to the front, staring right ahead. Shaded in the red, she looks up at the sky.

She pulls up her gloves as the words “told you so” are written on the screen. They all turn around in their seats, wanting to know the source of the noise.

Rating: 1/5

A strange sea of red light has been hanging over her apartment. She looks out the window, hoping to see a neon sign. However, the signs have been turned off in the neighborhood. In her barren apartment, she sits by herself, second guessing her life choices. With the darkness outside, she fears the worst.

Nonetheless, she leaves her house in the required outfit and sits next to Zac in the car. They’ve been friends for a long time and carpooled every day to work. They talk and dance on the way, building their bond. None of them know she’s unraveling.

The severe red light has become a large mass, overtaking the sky. It began small, frightening her in her front yard and she called for help. But no one heard. Now, underneath the blackened sky, she gets out the car and stares at it, possessed by its brightness.

Director: Zac Farro & Aaron Joseph Year: 2017

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