Video Review: Martin Garrix "Pizza"

At around 8 p.m., Martin Garrix takes a bite from his slice of pizza as he readies to board another plane. He observes the copper skies from the window and watches a funny movie on his computer.

While performing at a show, millions of fans film him with their phones. With his back to the audience, he scratches his arm. A fan holds up a sign that says his “music makes us happy.” During a meet and greet, he hugs a fan. A female fan holds up a cardboard sign asking for a date. At the concert, a young woman wearing glasses puts her hand over her heart. Confetti and fireworks go off after a performance.

During a show, he waves his arms, trying to get the crowd excited. Then, he gazes at the sunset. He opens a fan made scrapbook and looks at it. He studies the city below as he takes in a helicopter ride. At the keyboard, he waves one arm in the air, an orange half-moon behind him.

He dances in the airport, wearing his tickets as earrings. At another meet-and-greet, he takes a photo with a fan. Using a professional camera, he takes pictures of the plane. He dances with several female fans.

On stage, he jumps up and down, his hair wringing wet from sweat. Fireworks go off around the arena. Fans scream for him.  He gives a radio interview. On vacation, he hangs out on a boat with his friend and they jump into the ocean. Photographers take pictures at he holds up a trophy at an arcade. He belly flops onto his hotel bed and nearly knocks over his computer while running in the room. He pulls back some of his newly blonde hair and licks the camera.

In Mexico, he visits Cristo Rey and jet skis. He plays with an inflatable rubber duck as he floats in the pool. At a birthday party, he blows into a noisemaker as he sits next to his friend. He falls asleep on the plane and then once he wakes up, he works on new music. He holds up a plaque given to him by the record label for “In the Name of Love.” After posing with some fans, he grabs some pizza to eat during breaks.

In a bathrobe, he gestures while talking on the phone and hugs a plastic shark. He talks at a press conference and takes selfies in a van while on the way to the venue. In the dressing room, he eats pizza. In the hallway of the hotel, he does a cartwheel. With his mouth open, he chews on a slice of pizza. A female fan puts her hand around her friend’s shoulder who is in tears after meeting him.

On the plane, the flight attendant serves everyone pizza. He slaps his face to stay awake and tries on a pair of slippers. He makes the heart sign with his hands. During a flight, he holds up a slice of pizza and declares his love for it.

Rating: 3/5

Martin Garrix can’t stay still. He surges with energy, bouncing up and down in a relentless force of excitement no matter where he goes. In his hotel room, he almost destroys his equipment and falls off his inflatable rubber duck on his vacation. True to the song’s title, he lives on pizza, eating it every chance he gets and fortunately, due to his boundless activity, he doesn’t gain a pound.

He has a few moments of introspection, though. The ocean seems to calm him and he lets his world settle down to a quiet whisper. Viewing the Cristo Rey in Mexico gives him a sense of freedom as he walks in the field. Although it moves him, he hasn’t quite figured out why.  A hushed Garrix watching the sunset is a surprising inlet to his otherwise outgoing personality. In the mix of hyper electric beats, screaming crowds and an on-the-go lifestyle, he does need time to be by himself and think.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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