On the last day of her senior year, a young woman sits at her desk, waiting for the bell to ring. At the graduation ceremony of her all-girl’s Catholic school, she waits for her name to be called. Alan plays the keyboard by the edge of the stage. She receives her diploma and curtesies.

After the ceremony, she walks down the stairs and pauses, her hand on the railing. Shaded in a rose tint, she walks down the stairs of the school. Two boys stop her and she shoves one away from her.

Night Ranger play in the band room.

Shaded in a lapis blue, the students gather their books and leave class. She gazes out the window of the second floor, watching some of her classmates get into a vintage car with some guys who play in a local band.

Shaded in lavender, she opens the door, amazed at the music Night Ranger is playing. She holds her books to her chest and gulps. She walks up the steps and sneaks through the curtain. Jeff rips the string off the amplifier, revealing the young woman standing behind the curtain. Embarrassed, she touches the curtain and races out of the room.

Shaded in orange, her eyes pop as she sees the band members eating hamburgers at a table. She and her friends rush into the bathroom. A friend of hers takes out her barrette and puts in her own hair. The young woman fluffs her hair and walks back to their table. However, they left. She stands there, her mouth a straight line.

Back on the steps, her best friends tell her to come with them. The nuns wave goodbye to their former students. She and her friends run out the door, taking off their robes and get inside Jack’s car.

Rating: 4.5/5

Since freshman year, she followed the local band, Night Ranger. She read about them in the newspaper but was unable to see their shows. Her parents told her no and she had to concentrate on her homework. While her friends partied with the band, she stayed at school, studying until 4 p.m. It was then one of her parents picked her up and brought her home.

She fell for Jack. In the morning, she would tape any appearances they made on the local cable shows and watch them after school. Her parents would yell at her to turn “that devil music off.” Rock music, though, became her passion. Her friends talked about the concerts they went to and she wanted to experience it live. But her parents kept close tabs on her.

On graduation day, her friends told her they had a surprise for her. After posing for pictures with parents, they discard their robes. She smiles once she sees the car. The band introduces themselves and invite them for lunch. She finally gets to talk to Jeff. For the first time, she finally feels like she’s a normal teenager.

Director: N/A Year: 1984


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