Video Review: Childish Gambino "Me And Your Mama"

Filmed with Microsoft’s PHAROS VR, Childish Gambino performs for his fans in Joshua Tree, California. It’s a video in which a person can choose which angles they would like to view.

On the desktop, four arrows are in the corner. If a person is on their phone, they either move their phone or finger to change direction.

The top arrow gives a view of the ceiling. As Gambino performs below, a robotic spider crawls over the audience. Otherwise, it’s a baby blue sky full of sparkling stars.

The down arrow is straight to the floor and reaches only to the barricades. The concert can be heard but it’s as though someone is bending down on the floor, searching for their keys.

The right arrow (which requires the top arrow as well) provides a front row seat of Gambino performing.

The left arrow shows the concertgoers standing by the barricades, cheering.

Rating: 5/5

The PHAROS VR is an imperfect experiment. It plays around with angles and lets the person choose how they want to view the video. They can opt of out seeing the audience and focus on Gambino. Continuing to listen to the song, they can take a break from the stage and study the stars on the ceiling. However, the down arrow is useless. There is nothing to see.

It is a video that may require multiple viewings. Using a combination of the right and top arrow, a person can find themselves almost standing backstage, watching Gambino dance. Finding the correct angle, though, involves getting used to the format and on the person themselves. The video is whatever person wants it to be.

With the desktop, there is better control of the angles. On a cell phone, one quick swipe could screw up everything up.The one flaw missing is being unable to zoom into the band playing in the background. It is far noticeable on the a cellphone where the image is much smaller than on the desktop.

Director: Fred Warren Year: 2016

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