Video Review: Fantasia "Truth Is"

At the deli, a cook prepares a sandwich on the grill. A young woman giggles at her boyfriend’s joke and leans into him. Another young woman smiles while sitting at the counter. Fantasia says she would like a blueberry muffin. A familiar voice calls out her name, interrupting her. She turns out and it’s her ex-boyfriend. They hug and he gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Fantasia sits in her apartment, thinking about the conversation with her ex-boyfriend.

He tells her she looks good and invites her for lunch. Over lunch, he says he’s been dating someone for several years now and shows her the picture of her in his wallet. He excuses himself to go the bathroom and she peeks through his wallet, taking out the picture of the two of them behind the photo of his current girlfriend. She holds it to her chin and smiles then places back into his wallet, sighing.

They talk some more and he gives her a kiss on the forehead, saying it was great to see her again. She slumps against the fence, feeling as though a ton of bricks hit her. At home, she takes a pint of ice cream out of the freezer and eats it. She pushes her sneakers away while sitting on the couch and then turns on the television to distract herself. However, across from her is the bed where they once made love.

Needing a breather, she puts on her jacket and walks down the stairs. As she opens the door to the parking lot, she finds her ex-boyfriend standing on the other side.

Rating: 5/5

The familiar voice rattled Fantasia as she waited in line at the deli. For several years, she dreamed of the moment of when she would run into her ex-boyfriend. She often wondered how he was doing or if he ever thought of her.

At first, her expectations aligned with reality. He greeted with a warm smile and complimented her. For about ten minutes, it was as though nothing had changed. They walked to a five-star restaurant, raising her hopes of a reconciliation. Maybe, she thought, on the way, he tell her they should get back together. Instead, he shows her a picture of his current girlfriend. Last month, he continues to say, they moved in together and two happy parents to a Golden Retriever. She choked back tears.

Nonetheless, something was off to her. It didn’t seem like himself. She searched his wallet and found a picture of them. She smiles to herself, thinking of when it was taken. Their relationship was still new at the point. Although she didn’t hear what she wanted, it meant a great deal he kept the photo. She had made an impression and wasn’t some casual ex-girlfriend.

After lunch, though, she returned home and began to cry.  She won’t ever get him back, despite her lingering feelings. It’s over. However, the memories she once forgotten resurface in her mind. Each one breaks her heart. Finally, she decides to leave and get some fresh air. Then, she sees him standing by the door and listens to him as he says “I miss you and can’t get this afternoon out of my mind.”

Director: N/A Year: 2004

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