Video Review: Zayn & Sia "Dusk Till Dawn"

At the kitchen table, Zayn opens a briefcase and looks to see what’s inside. Then, he sits at his windowsill, observing a young woman (Jeminma Kirke), wearing sunglasses and walking with a briefcase.

After seeing her pass by, he puts on his sunglasses and takes his suitcase. As he walks down the street. a disfigured man follows him in his car. An agent listens in his earpiece. Zayn turns the corner, believing the young woman should be close. He weaves the crowd of festivalgoers in Chinatown playing with sparklers, celebrating the New Year. With young women performing martial arts behind her, she stops to look at him and leaves. However, the police wait for him. He puts his hand up.

In a warehouse, the police officer informs him that people want to kill him. He adds that he knows exactly the type of person Zayn is. Zayn shakes his head and answers “you don’t know me.”

The young woman enters her motel room and a light shines as she opens her briefcase. At the warehouse, the police officer snaps his fingers and his co-worker opens Zayn’s briefcase. In it, are t-shirts and jeans. The police officer turns Zayn’s wrist to examine the tattoo. It’s checked and doesn’t match. The young woman glimpses at her tattoo, which is on file with the police and closes the briefcase. The police officer tells him he can go and then kicks the chair.

Zayn takes off in his Jaguar and steps on the gas pedal. He changes lanes to escape the disfigured man. After cutting him off, he moves back to the first lane and returns home. The disfigured man sees his car in the gated driveway.

At the motel, the young woman removes her wig while watching the news. Zayn dials 911 and strikes a match, lighting a wire on fire. The disfigured man and his muscle peer through the windows. The disfigured man kicks down the door and finds a hole.

On the news, the young woman watches the police arrive at Zayn’s home. The explosion goes off and the men cower while the police shoot inside. The young woman, with Zayn glancing over his shoulder on the passenger side, skip the red light and head out of the city.

Rating: 4/5

The plan was timed to the minute. It was decided that the young woman would carry the briefcase with the stolen gold. She had a clean record, kept her mouth shut and no one would suspect her. It was Zayn that had to be careful. With both the police and two other criminals after him, there was zero room for him to make mistakes.

The police had caught up to him. During his interrogation as the officer claimed to know that he who he was, he thought of the young woman at the motel. She wasn’t even on their radar. The officer’s arrogance disgusted him. But hearing him kick the chair out of frustration vindicated him. Their incompetence and determination to only believe he’s capable will damage their investigation. The officer’s stubbornness will be his downfall.

The young woman watches as the news reporter explains that a fugitive on the loose, leading to a standoff. She worries, hoping that the last step of their plan will be successful. She doesn’t breathe until he comes out from underground and into the car. They head for the expressway, looking for a better life in the country, where they will change their names.

Director: Marc Webb Year: 2017

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