Video Review: ABC "(How To Be) A Millionaire"

On a tropical animated beach, champagne chills in a bucket near the rectangular pool next to the mansion. A hand picks up the pink sports car for $500 and puts it in a shopping cart. Martin asks Mark if they need anything else. Mark plucks a diamond ring off the shelf.

The shopping cart chugs along, its items inflating as Martin walks to the checkout. Mark and Martin scan the store one last time. Skyscrapers are sale. An aisle advertises the new models of cars. A bucket overflows with guitars. On a television, Martin and Mark fly among the instruments.

Mark leads Martin to register 121. There, the identical cashiers wait for the customers. The brunette cashier side-eyes them. Mark watches in awe as the pink sports car speeds on the conveyor belt. She rings up the sale. Money and change fly out at her. Mark lugs the heavy shopping cart to the pink sports car.

In the car, they shrink as the objects enlarge. Martin balances himself on the diamond ring and then falls. Martin hangs from the steering wheel before losing his grip. They circle the air, landing on a craps table. They run from dice, a single hand and a high heel.  While hiding between two televisions, they watch the words “tell me” show up on the wall in lights. Cards charge across the table. Once the commotion is over, they leave. Martin glances over his shoulder and sees guitars closing in on him. On the green felt table, Martin and Mark are surrounded by jewelry, bottles and other various objects.

Rating: 5/5

Mark and Martin want the latest and most expensive things. For them, everything has a price and can be bought on credit. At their elite store, historic sculptures had been put on clearance. The artist was deemed out of fashion and sales suffered. Diamond rings are thought of as trinkets. However, it’s the sports car that’s been out of stock. They had called the store beforehand to see if they had any. Martin had asked the cashier multiple times if she was sure. “We’re coming a long way and making a special trip. If the car isn’t there, we will be reporting you to your manager.”

In line, they point in the direction of the luxury cars, saying a 50% off sign was there. The cashier says it’s not on sale. Martin demands a manager. The cashiers next to her roll their eyes. After they leave, the cashiers discuss them, saying they were making it up and didn’t want to pay full price for it. The cashiers stay at their counters, looking at objects they couldn’t afford with their paltry paycheck.

Mark and Martin have become the objects they wish to acquire.  It leads them to a craps table, scurrying from high heels and pointed cards. The people above see them as valuable chips. Greed has changed them to precocious dolls for someone to collect.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

ABC – (How To Be A) Millionaire Video

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