Video Review: Kelly Clarkson "Love So Soft"

In the forest, several women, wearing coral dresses, sunglasses and  navy blue scarves around their necks stand in a line, moving one by one. The assistant closes the door as Kelly Clarkson sings from the driver’s side. A young man whispers into her ear and gets out the car. The assistant tosses him his luggage and they begin to dance.  After dancing, they get back into the car again and she speeds off.

Wearing a canary yellow dress, she walks on a path in a snow white field. Her backup singers perform in navy blue dresses off to the side of her.

On a magenta lit stage, Clarkson emerges from the center as the dancers perform their routine around her. The magenta triangle revolves behind her as she sings.

Wearing a white hat and black business suit, she sings behind a skyline. Multiple versions of her pop up at each lyric.

On top of a mountain cliff, she sings from inside the kitchen of a mansion.

Back on the snow white field, the end of Clarkson’s dress reshapes itself into a swarm of birds.

In a ballroom, next to some chandeliers, she and her backup singers’ heads are attached to a revolving ornamental piece hanging from the ceiling.

Inside the mansion, the furniture flies and glass breaks around her. Surrounded by ash and dust, she continues to sing.

She watches the canary yellow swarm of birds fly into the clouds in the field.

Rating: 3/5

The illusory image of Kelly Clarkson walking through a snow white path wearing the canary yellow dress conjures a puzzling dream. She seems to have been transported to the otherwordly place to unwind and discover a new way of life. A purpose must be found.

Clarkson, as an isolated, wealthy woman trapped in her unused kitchen on the top of the mountain rejects the perfectionism she has been forced to abide by. She breaks the windows with her voice to gain control. Both personas are electric personalities  absorbing the fictive places where they have landed. Nonetheless, they seem connected as part of continuous dream of a young woman working out her expectations of herself.

However, the revolving ornamental piece with everyone’s heads attached seems to be a deleted storyline from a gruesome television procedural. Meanwhile, on the magenta stage, an overdressed Clarkson, wearing a floral dress with sprawling roses, seems to be the default leader of the aliens she has encountered. Without any link to the previous images, it shatters the surreal world into oblivion.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2017

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