Video Review: Fifth Harmony "Deliver"

Against an emerald-green background, Lauren, wearing an off-the-shoulder dress, points her gloved hands. In black-and-white, she sings on stage. The film reel scrambles the images. Normani, against the emerald green background, folds her hands together and crosses her fingers. In black-and-white, she moves her head from left to right and rubs her hand across her chest.

Dinah Jane, against the emerald-green background, puts her hands across her chest. In black-and-white, the group sings on stage. Ally Brooke, against the emerald green background, puts her hand on her cheek and winks. She taps her chest. Dinah Jane fluffs the ends of her hair.

In black-and-white, the group performs on stage.

Against the emerald-green background, Ally Brooke looks off to the side. Dinah Jane makes the phone call gesture with her hand.

In black-and-white, Dinah Jane runs her hand on the microphone stand.

Normani swishes her hands back and forth against the emeral green background. Dinah Jane points her finger. Ally Brooke looks to the left of her. Lauren covers her mouth with both hands. Ally Brooke puts a ring over her gloved finger.

Rating: 2/5

Film footage was found by an archivist of an unknown girl group from 1964 practicing for their national debut. After several inquiries, granddaughters and other living relatives began to fill in the blanks. Infighting and conflict broke them up before they could achieve any amount of fame.

Some people had expressed surprise at seeing Dinah Jane. Out of the four, Dinah Jane had become the breakout star. She spoke little about her time in the early girl group, stating it was a valuable learning experience.

Reporters reached out to Normani, who quit singing afterwards to start a family. She said she missed when the group sang in the dive bars and had drinks afterwards to celebrate the show. They had been genuine friends at one point.

Lauren, though, hinted that there was one person who received more attention than the others from the producer. Unfortunately, it led to her resenting the person. Any concerns she had were dismissed by the him and she was penalized for speaking up for the rest of the group members.

Ally Brooke confirmed her relationship at the time with the producer. She really liked him. However, she went into it for the wrong reasons. She wanted to further her career. It had led to marriage. However, he later divorced for another now-famous singer. He had discovered another girl group and she knew once he stopped returning home, her time was up. She expressed regret at how it tore the group apart.

Director: David Camarena Year: 2017

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