Video Review: MKTO "Thank You"

At home, Malcolm sits on his couch, watching a press conference given by their local senator on television. Tony walks in and asks him how he’s doing. Tony rests his feet on the coffee table and listens as the senator answers that the economy is dire and that the current generation of young people are screwed.They get up from the couch and enter the television screen. Tony shoves the local senator off the stage.

In a classroom, a high school math teacher points to a formula on the chalkboard. Malcolm pops out of a student’s desk and spray paints the teacher’s mouth shut. The students walk out of class.

Malcolm and Tony sing against black-and-white spiraling background.

In the street, Malcolm and Tony lead the students in a protest.

Malcolm and Tony sing on the rooftop of an apartment.

Tony hands a businessman a black balloon. It pulls him into the sky. Tony waves at him. Several young women run across a bridge and interrupt another buisnessman on his cell phone. One of the young women pushes him. A woman disappears into a spray painted face on the wall.

Malcolm and Tony stop a car in the middle of the street. A businessman gets out of his car, yelling at them to move. Malcolm hands him a balloon. The businessman flies into the sky. He joins multiple adults in the air.

Thousands of young people walk to see Malcolm and Tony perform on top of a car. They cheer and shout for them.

Rating: 3/5

As millennials, Malcolm and Tony have read that they are lazy and entitled. Adults have told them  graduating college guarantees an education but necessarily the job they want. In job interviews, they are hired for their youth but their employers have low expectations for them. They are expendable and underpaid, told repeatedly they aren’t anything special. They will not have the future their parents had. That particular American dream no longer exists.

However, it’s the adults who formed the current society and it’s who they blame. It’s the science teacher who thumbs his nose at his students who receive “C’s” on their tests and struggle. He favors the students who are proficient in science and math while ignoring the art student asking for help. Malcolm spray paints his mouth shut as a lessons for judging his students. Everyone has strengths in subjects and weaknesses in others. The art student passes her English and History exams without fail.

Adults have failed in them in other ways, though. Businessman in the area have harassed the young women. Some have asked inappropriate questions during job interviews. Meanwhile, others have used the students to help their companies look good and then written poor evaluations.

Malcolm and Tony started the protest as a way to let the young people in the community to stand up for themselves. They have been overlooked and unheard. The adults need to know they can’t take advantage of them anymore.

Director: Chris Mars Piliero Year: 2013

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