Video Review: Jason Derulo “If I’m Lucky”

Jason Derulo and his girlfriend lie on the ground, their faces covered in ash as debris and money flies over their bodies. He emerges from the sickly smoke and walks on the street. A bleeding flesh wound gapes from his chest while he observes the now shaky foundations of buildings that once stood before the previous explosion. ‘

He kneels down, watching a small flame curl around his hand and walks to the bar where he and his girlfriend hung out last night.

She grins in his arms as he twirls around in his hug. She puts her hands on his shoulders and leads him to the center of the dartboard. After running the dart over her thigh, she throws it. He turns his head to see it landed on the eight, mere inches from his cheek.

Sometime around 10 p.m., he reaches the Hollywood Premiere Hotel. After leaving the bar, she takes off a blonde wig and puts it in the backseat of the car. He taps her butt as they walk to their room.

She opens the duffel bag, overflowing with money. As they dance, she rubs her butt along his legs. They have sex on the bed. She puts another watch on her wrist and runs her gun from the wall to his chest.

Outside of a club, they dance underneath a string of red lights on a patio. She kisses him in the car and tears the strap off her tank top. In an alley, she shoots at bottles.

She paces in the motel room and puts the cigarette lighter by her tongue. She puts on her jacket and lipstick then stands outside the neon “Pleasures” sign. They shove each other in the room and have sex again. Wearing a bra and a thong, she smokes on the balcony.

At the bar, he sneaks to the counter and steals the money from the drawer. The bartender returns to his till and notices the cash is gone. He yells to the owners that they’ve been robbed.

A knock on the door wakes Derulo and his girlfriend up. Through the drapes, he sees a man wearing sunglasses talking on his cell phone and hides behind the window. They each grab a bag and put the money inside. They escape down the stairs, keeping an eye on the man with sunglasses. The bartender waves his gun around the run, shouting that they are gone. The man with the sunglasses hits the hood of his car with his fist.

They find an abandoned storage area and enter. It explodes. Derulo and his girlfriend lie on the ground. She’s unresponsive but his eyes open wide.

Rating: 4/5

For about three months, Jason Derulo and his girlfriend frequented the bar. They had talked with the bartender and the owners often, telling them their favorite bars had closed down and they had now found a great place to go. The owners would buy his girlfriend shots and she would drink with them. He would watch television or sit at the counter, drinking and talking with a few regulars.

He noticed the owners and bartender didn’t have a cash register. They still used a cashbox to handle their money. They also didn’t lock it. He figured they relied on their muscles and gruff nature for their security.

They had been running low on cash. She lost her job after her store filed for bankruptcy and he was working under the table for his neighbor. It was only enough to pay some bills here and there. But whatever little savings they had were miniscule.

She learned how to shoot a gun and he concocted the plan. He didn’t think they would destroy the neighborhood, though. A bomb went off in the storage unit, as though it were planned. Neither of them survive it. While he dies, he retraces his steps from the night before and believes for a split second, he is still alive.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2017

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