Video Review: Rick Springfield “Jessie’s Girl”

Jessie (Steve Antin) spray paints another coat over the L on the wall and reaches out his arm. She walks to him and he kisses her on the cheek. He tosses the spray can and they leave together. Rick Springfield looks on, his hands in his jacket.

Springfield and his band perform by the wall. Alone, he swings his arm back and forth as he stands by the wall. He and his band perform on stage.

She locks eyes with Springfield as he approaches Jessie’s porch. He grins and he watches as Jessie walks with her, arm around her.

In the bathroom, he washes his face with his hands and wipes his face with a towel. He plays a guitar in front of the mirror, imagining Jessie’s girlfriend watching him. He examines his hair and then smooths it back. He points the guitar towards the mirror and smashes it several times.

Springfield and his band continue to perform on stage.

Jessie and his girlfriend watch a movie at the theater. A dog sit a few rows ahead of them.

Rating: 1/5

Jessie and Rick Springfield haven’t had many fights throughout their friendship. However, one may start over Jessie’s girlfriend. Jessie knew that he liked her. He even Jessie his opinion of her. Jessie had shrugged and said she was okay.

He had invited her to hang out with him and Jessie after school. While he got food and drinks for them, he heard her giggle as Jessie told a joke. He entered the family room, seeing Jessie whispering in her ear. He announced “snacks!,” causing Jessie to recoil.

A week later, Jessie took him aside and said he and the young woman were going to go out on Saturday. Jessie apologized and said, “No hard feelings, man.” He offered him his hand to shake. Springfield shook it but really wanted to pull him towards him, call him a jerk and leave him with a broken hand.

Sometimes, he thinks he may have a chance. However, Jessie marks as his territory every time by putting his arm around her and doesn’t ever leave her alone with Springfield. Springfield notices her faraway glances and wonders if she’s in love with him. Jessie brags about her constant need to go with him everywhere with him and that she can’t keep his hands off his body. But Springfield believes it’s all talk. She seems bored and isolated. Springfield sees his friendship with Jessie as in name only now and will continue to flirt with her every chance he gets. She needs to know better guys are out there.

Director: N/A Year: 1981

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