Video Review: The Human League “Human”

A drop of rain splashes into a puddle of water, lit in azure blue. Susan’s face swims through the cascade of water behind her, her expression grim as she looks down. Joanne glares and Philip stares off into the distance.

Philip stands against an azure blue background, the waves glistening over him.

Rain gushes overhead. Joanne looks off to the side.

As Philip sings, Susan’s image is hazy in the background. Philip looks to the right and then dissolves as his images appears in the center.

Several droplets of rain splash into the puddle. Susan stares straight ahead.

Philip lies in the water, his eyes closed, as he floats. Rain falls on his face.

Susan sings, her gaze on the ground as the rain pours behind her. In the cascading water, she looks ahead.

In the water, the rain hits between Philip’s eyes.

Rating: 1/5

The rain surges against a bloated background of an artful azure blue, tinted to achieve the breaking point of emotional upheaval and endless regret. Somehow, it seems to be a extravagant broken indoor fountain in need of repair.

Philip sulks as he explains his reasoning, knowing he is beyond forgiveness. Joanne and Susan, though, can’t look him in the eye, guilty of the same error. They await their judgement and shaming to each other and everyone else. They are horrible people and deserve the punishment. No one should ever fall in love with them again.

Philip, in his final act of sadism, lies in the pool of water, letting the rain strike his face, blinding him.

Director: Andy Morahan Year: 1986

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