Video Review: Selena “Dreaming Of You”

The sun sets in somewhere in a California suburb. Selena walks to her bedroom room, listening to the DJ says “I know that special someone you’ve been dreaming about all night long is with you right now” and then introduces the new song by her on the radio. She sits on her bed. holding her teddy bear and then closes her eyes.

From upstairs, she can hear her father snoring mingled with the television in the background. She walks downstairs to check on him and puts the blanket over him as he sleeps. She gives him a kiss on his forehead.

Next door, a fiftysomething woman stares out her kitchen window, gazing at the moon. She walks outside and leans by the railing, her hands folded in prayer as she continues to look at the moon.

Selena picks up the framed photograph of her boyfriend and touches it with her hand. She turns off her lamp and looks out her bedroom window. Across the street, a newlywed couple, still in their wedding attire, dances in their living room.

After watching them, she gets her jacket and two suitcases. She gives one final look to her bedroom. She waits for him by the window. He pulls up and waves to her. She throws him her stuff. He helps her to the ground and then twirls her in the air. In his car, he kisses her neck. As he drives away, she looks at her house one more time.

Rating: 2/5

Selena hopes her father will someday forgive her. He didn’t approve of her boyfriend. calling him a spoiled young man who will take advantage of her and only look out for himself. However, he’s wrong. Her boyfriend has been patient with her while she complains about her strict father. He suggests talking to himself and maybe inviting him over for dinner. She doesn’t know what to do with her life. However, her father has told she must go to college and become a doctor or something practical. She wants to be something but not who her father chooses her to be.

She watches the newlywed couple from her window and hopes she and her boyfriend will be like them in a few years. They are in their own world, reliving their wedding day after returning from their honeymoon. Their lives have started. She wishes she could be around to see the family they will have. She believes they will be great parents.

Tonight, she and her boyfriend are leaving. He found an apartment and a job already. She doesn’t want to go. Her father has a difficult time walking and she needs to remind him to stay on his diet. However, if she wants to have a life, she has to do it.

Director: N/A Year: 1995

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