Video Review: Clay Aiken “Invisible”

In Hollywood, California, Clay Aiken adjusts his microphone on his stage located on the street of Hollywood & Highland. A bus is parked on the curb. A group of teenage lean against a building, talking. Aiken begins to sing. People walking off the bus pause once they notice him and start to gather near the stage.

A young man, riding his bike, glances over his shoulder. A woman in a convertible snaps a photo. In the crowd, an older woman stands, her dog sitting in a stroller. Two women watch from their apartment building. Two young women walk out of a party store and stop to listen on the sidewalk. A man holds his video camera over his head, filming Aiken’s performance. A young mother points him out to her little girl. A young man watches from the bus stop.

Aiken points to someone in the audience. A young woman folds her hands together and cries. In the building next door, a server dances by the window. He sings to the tearful young woman and puts his arm around her. She rests her head on his shoulder.

Aiken touches some of his fan’s hands in the front row. In the street, people get out of their cars and watch. A police officer keeps the crowd back and one eye on Aiken. People clap while on the roof of a building. A helicopter flies over the area. He shakes hands of some fans after singing.

Rating: 3/5

Although Clay Aiken was a runner-up in the second season of American Idol, he believes he still won. Grateful for every vote, he decides to perform in Hollywood & Highland as a thank you to his fans.

While setting up, a tour bus stops and people pause. While in California, they had been hoping to have a celebrity spotting. However, they didn’t expect an entire performance from someone newly famous.  Unsure if he would want them to be really close to him, they stay at a distance from the stage. The young skateboarders, though, have run into a few celebrities and have had their illusions dashed. However, Aiken seems okay to them.

Aiken acknowledges his fans in the front row several times and walks into the crowd at one point. He puts his arm around a young woman, who can’t believe he paid her any attention. The local police warned Aiken that the crowd may get rowdy and to be careful. Although he view himself like them, he’s a celebrity now and sometimes people don’t have the best intentions. A helicopter flies overhead in case of any trouble.

Director: Diane Martel Year: 2003

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