Video Review: Nick Jonas “Find You”

Nick Jonas gapes at the clouds moving in the sky as he stands in the desert.  Wearing a denim jacket and hoodie, he treks through the grainy sand.

At the shore, a group of people dance by a bonfire. The sun begins to set. He takes off his jacket and darts his head from left to right. He jumps and starts to dance with them. A young woman runs with the American flag.

He drives his car close to the shore. He stands in front of the ocean. The waves furl to the sand.  A young woman puts her hand on his shoulder and then her rests her head on it. He lies on the sand, his eyes closed.

People raise their hands at the bonfire. He sits on the sand, looking into the distance and then dances.

Underneath the scalding sun, the sand returns to Jonas’ fist. He stands by an easel which has a watercolor painting of the beach.

Around 1 a.m., he spreads out his arms while he walks to the ocean and then dives into the waves. The canvas burns behind him. A young woman floats towards him and kisses him. He gets into his car and drives off.

Rating: 3/5

A dazed Nick Jonas climbs grainy sand hills and dances among strangers, searching for a young woman who seems to have been a mirage. He last saw her at the beach. Every day, he drives there and walks in the scalding afternoon heat until nightfall.

At a bonfire, he asks the people there if they have seen a young, blonde-haired woman. They answer no. Someone offers him a pill and he dances, forgetting his reason for being there. He lies on the sand, exhausted and mumbling the woman’s name.

On the empty beach at night, he spreads out his arms and breathes in the salty air. The mist brushes his face and he grins. He remembers. Relieved and free, he dives into the ocean and sees her. She reaches for him. After they kiss, she swims away. He floats, holding his breath for as long as he can, wanting to stay.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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