Video Review: Blake Shelton “I’ll Name The Dogs”

At a banquet hall, a server places the centerpiece of white roses, glasses and plates on the tables. The wedding planner sets up the chairs outside. The baker puts the final touches on the cake. Blake Shelton rehearses with his band.

In the dressing room, an older man taps his pocket and holds the wedding band in his palm. His grandson fixes his tie in front of the mirror. His nephew, sitting on the couch next to him, pets his dog.

An older woman watches as her granddaughter plays with a strand of her hair as she sits at the vanity. The older woman pets her dog. She gets up and gives her granddaughter a kiss. The older man helps his grandson with his tie. They hug. The older man holds up his camera as he takes a photo with his nephew and granddson.

At the reception, a little girl, wearing sparkly silver Mary Janes, dances with her cousins.

The older man places his watch in his grandson’s palm. The older woman points to pictures inside a family album, explaining the history behind them.She puts the veil on her granddaughter’s head.

At the wedding, the dogs walk down the aisle first. The little boy carries the pillow with the rings attached while the little girl drops the petals from his basket onto the aisle. The older man removes the veil from the older woman’s face. The say their vows, exchange rings and kiss. Their family and friends hold sparklers at the end of the ceremony.

Shelton performs at the reception. In the middle of the dance floor, she toasts to her husband’s grandson and nephew. Everyone dances to the music. Shelton claps for the couple.

Rating: 5/5

The older man had been living in his senior community area alone for years. His wife had passed away from cancer five years ago. Women had asked him out. However, he turned them down, saying it would be a betrayal to his wife. One woman, though, had told him “you’re going to marry me someday!” He had dismissed the woman after the conversation, chuckling to his friends over a card game.

The older woman continued to talk to him. She had told him her husband had died about 40 years ago. He had been driving home on the expressway when a semi-truck had rolled over and hit the median, crashing into him. After the accident, she had decided to dedicate her life to her children. However, once they grew up, they told her she deserved to be happy again.

He invited her to see a baseball game with him. She listened as he told her stories about taking his grandson to his first game and celebrating Open Day in the sometimes chilly month of April. Soon, they were sharing dinners and then a home. After a year of dating, he asked her to marry him. On his wedding day, his grandson his watch, a gift from his first wife. He told him one day he will meet a wonderful woman and start a family. She took out a family album and told stories about her life with her first husband. He was a good man and deserves to be honored.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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